Testlive-mount Keyboard Qwerty/Azerty

Hello funcom staff
Keyboard location dosen’t work with mount
I play on Azerty system but the mount follow Querty binding i don’t found option for mount.


Yeah, the horsies’ controls don’t seem to have a keybind option in the Settings menu. This has been brought to Funcom’s attention, and good ol’ Multigun has already come up with a temporary solution:

(Or, well, I guess it’s a permanent solution as long as you don’t go and change the .ini file back.)

I noticed that too when I tried to rebind S to my mouse side button for easier drifting with the horse. I had to change the side button to S keyboard key in the razer controll panel for it to work.

You have to manually edit the input.ini file to get the keys you want for the horse movement

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