Testlive Update 2.3 (10.02.2021) - Isle of Siptah revamp, Offline mode, sprint attacks and more!

If they have the admin password, they can use the commands to learn the feats.

I did. I just didn’t put the password here for security reasons. Just logged out, restarted the server, logged back in, copied the password directly from the control panel of the host, and tried it again. Nothing.

I had to change settings, save them, change the settings back, save them, and restart the server for it to recognize admins.

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Glad it worked. I didn’t have to do any of that but thanks for posting what solved it for you!

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What I meant was, can I use “ForgetAllFeats ?Playername?”.
So I can manually reset or forget feats of others if necessary as an Admin.

There is a pnj camp where I actualy have my base in official server…This maj will break my base…

Thank you, that is a relief :smiley:

It will very likely destroy at least a part of it, so consider re-allocating before this goes live.

Not everything described in the producer’s letter is in this update.

The LearnFeat, ForgetFeat, and ForgetAllFeats will only affect your own character. The [0/1] after ForgetAllFeats allows the option to also remove feats that were taught by NPCs rather than unlocked from feat points.

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I do not see why this is needed if it can only affect your own character as an admin… In what circumstance you need such thing? You can spawn a potion and do the same thing (except npc trained ones) yet still doesn’t make sense.

Dear Devs, thx for new interesting updage.

But, tell me, why are you hate archers so much? Is it alot of them in the game or what?

All new sprint attacks will vanish archers totally. They all dush-type attacks. And, mainly, BOWS DO NOT HAVE any new attacks…Why not add leap-turn arround attack on sprint, to shoot a target behind the archer? Archery had most long slow effect after the shots and wors rng, and still no love to archers…

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When is this coming to the PS4?


Your top priority right now should be fixing the incredibly broken AI you introduced in 2.2. PvE is the worst it has been in 6 months thanks to absolutely terrible mob and follower AI. It doesn’t matter if you add all these neat changes to a game whose fundamental gameplay mechanics are so bad.


Offline mode on pc thanks for that i was waiting for this , others changes looks good too .

It is very useful for some of us who are testing the game and mods.


The new avatar and the island expansion are not yet available with this patch?

I believe they said this would be added with the full release of Siptah :slight_smile:

“What’s that you say? Console players screaming about exploits we already know how to fix? Nahh, let’s just add a hundred more RP items for PC”

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New weapons (including orbs with new effects and grenades), armor, craftables, new NPCs and artisans, and other rewards are now available.

Where are these? This is super vague

Removed 10th of December? Guess we won’t be seeing this update for a while. :open_mouth: :wink:

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