Testlive Update 2.3 (10.02.2021) - Isle of Siptah revamp, Offline mode, sprint attacks and more!

but I imagine they will put it before to test it in testlive


Fixed now.

Added valid reason on changelog.

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They are kept intentionally vague. They can be found around Siptah, partaking in any of the new or revised activities, as exploration rewards and so on.
We want you all to go out, explore and participate in what’s new on Siptah.

If still in need of more precise information, we’re sure our wiki masterminds will get that information on paper soon, or any of our content creators will have a highlight of the new stuff for those of you who don’t mind the spoilers (we heard there’s a camps location highlight video already out, by @Pixelcave :slight_smile: ).

New content for the Exiled lands has been pinpointed on where to find it, however.


A question for people trying this patch: are Exiled Lands recipes still random drops from vaults or is there a non-RNG way to get them now? Thanks in advance for satisfying my curiosity :wink:

Again I ask…

What about the issues preventing us from playing multiplayer?

Still can’t play due to the client DDoS’ing the local network when we try to join a server. This has been an issue with FLS for a long time now.

Oddly it seemed almost completely resolved in the last Testlive, but now is worse than it was before the patch.

As someone who hosts several game servers on our local network, this issue is one of the most offensive things I have ever run into. In 40 years of coding, designing, coding, testing, and hosting, I have never before seen a company completely ignore serious issues like this unless they were based in China.

I want to offer up Conan servers for people to play on, but since this bug was introduced our population has dropped to almost nothing. I am unable to even properly admin our own servers because if I attempt to log into one, it will disconnect everyone on them, and from all of our other game servers.

What exactly does it take to make Funcom take an issue like this seriously? Many people are completely unable to utilize the multiplayer aspect of this game as a result of this issue. The thread on it has been active since September, and it’s been a reported issue since June.

When I brought it up in the last testlive thread, what I assume to be a developer responded, and appeared to be completely ignorant of the issue.

And not surprisingly, they didn’t return to give any further information. It was just ignored once more.

I mean, this is Funcom’s land. I’m sure my post will get edited or removed if they take enough offense, so you have to be careful what you say. But seriously, someone needs to get off their ■■■■■ and start doing something about this. I know it’s not easy developing software, and I know what it’s like to run into issues. However to prioritize adding content, or completely overhauling existing systems over fixing game-breaking bugs is just abhorrent.
It was even mentioned that BattleEye had discovered a possible cause for the issue back in October, and then was supposedly going to be added to a testlive build.
Yet we have seen little change.

It’s not even mentioned as a known issue.

How do we get Greater ??? if storm bosses do not spawn near our bases location?

Excited for all the new stuff. More deco/items is always amazing for a game like this to make it feel more personal as your advance through the game and build up your base.

Having said that, I am slightly wary of the vit-perk change. Might have a profound effect on pvp to incentivize foodheal-spamming over potions due to animations.

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The following are observations from Testlive on Single-Player, Isle of Siptah.

Performance. When IoS played in Single-Player, I experienced a lot of jittering framerates. I dropped my video settings from Ultra to Low, and turned off VSYNC and Dense Fog. No improvement. However, I did log into US-PVE-C Isle of Siptah Testlive server and had no issues with framerate.

Opening Cutscenes. Audio and text played during the opening cutscene but there were no visuals, only a black screen.

Character Creation. Noticed odd changes to both male and female character’s eye lashes color when selecting the first three hair color (White, Blonde, and Sandy).

Rough Wraps. I like the new recipe not requiring Aloe because Aloe is hard to find on the scavenger’s coast.

No build on B9 coast. I noticed that most of the beach was a no build area. This was problematic as I was searching for an area where I could drop a campfire and bedroll.

Sprint Combat. I am not sure how that works. I tried sprinting then attack and attack and then sprint. In both cases, I did not see anything special about sprint combat.

Game Lighting. The morning and evening light is very harsh like a saturated HDR. Though very colorful, it is hard on the eyes.

Mount Aggro. NPCs and animals have a high hatred for my mount. Even after damaging NPCs or animals, they prefer to attack my horse.

Vaults. At the Refuge of the Gremlins, the final boss did not drop a Fragment of Power, nor were there any in the chests. Also, the vault’s cutscenes had no visual with the audio and text.

I’ll provide more feedbacks as I continue to play.

My System -
CPU: Intel Corei7 770K
MB: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Maximus IX HERO
RAM: 32GB Corsair CMW 12GX4M2C3200C16 DDR4
OS: Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
OS Build: 19041.746

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The vaults have dedicated recipes that are not the same as the ones from the Exiled lands. The EL recipes do periodically drop in the vault chests. I’ve done every vault once and four of them twice and have received three recipes. Oils, master weapon fittings and reinforced stool. You can also apparently (haven’t done this yet) buy recipes in the tower. I don’t know what’s available there though. Additionally, I NEVER had an empty vault chest.


This is an issue that happens when you play in co-op mode or are you trying to run a “normal” server but keep all the networking exclusive to your local network?

so are the glowing goop orbs ment to make peopel crash cuz thats op

There is a cooldown of 30s, so you can’t exactly spam it.

You need to have full speed and then click rmb or lmb with the respective weapon equipped. Some are easier to notice than others. For most is some sort of either swipe or lunge attack.

This is an intended change.


Potions don’t let you forget NPC or tablet learned recipes. Very useful for mod developers, or for people who simply want to remove something that otherwise has no way of doing so.


Thought I left a post earlier this morning. It’s a good thing that it’s gone. I just logged back into the game and the Chop Chop Miniatures was green as a learned Feat. Don’t know why it didn’t show as green before I stopped playing this morning.

Keep up the good work Funcom!

Probably just the common UI bug that shows it not learned when it is (commonly occurs when it’s a 0 feet cost item with modding). Just refreshing the feat page resolves it (closing the tab and reopening it, or swapping tabs).

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This is an issue when attempting to connect to any multiplayer server. Soon as it starts connecting to FLS there is a UDP packet flood on the network. It usually occurs when you are on the server listing, but can also occur when you are pulling the mod list of the server, or when you are making the connection.

My personal issue is that we self-host many game servers, so basically no one in the house can play Conan Exiles in anything but single-player. As soon as someone tries to go to play multiplayer, it kills the network. Not even Discord will maintain a connection. At first we thought “maybe a bigger pipe will help”, but going from 400Mbps, then 600Mbps, to now we have a full gigabit and the issue is completely unchanged.

The worst is that it’s not a new issue, it’s well documented. The primary reason reports on it have likely died down is that it’s nearly been a year, and most people will give up long before then. They’ve moved on to other titles.

so yeah then how do i know where i can build next? map updates should make in one patch not seperate, well i aint living in that place anymore because i left conan for a while, but i know i have base near siptah ascension where now in this patch is NPC camp setted up, this means either map reset or what? cuuz i started a while again. But now when i see these updates i kinda want to know where will be those 3 new biomes? On south from map or merged with map cause i now buildind ginda south and if there is another rewamp that may cause me to move i dunno now thats feels like someone hates me xD

I truly hope that Accursed all being generic Cimmerians in generic Cimmerian armor is a placeholder thing and not an intended final outcome. It looks kinda silly to have them here, right down to “Accursed Berserkers”, given that the lore in the patch notes says they’re twisted and changed.

I also find the bare-chested torso piece for Silent Legion Light Armor to be really off-looking. Nothing about any other Silent Legion armor tends towards extremely exposed skin, especially since Silent Legion is generally associated with colder climates. I’d very emphatically ask that the torso on that piece be changed to look more like the legs; i.e., cloth wrapped with chains.

(By contrast SL Medium looks great…)

Wait. So thralls when knocked down by an attack aren’t instantly gonna fight back now pre-getting up?