Testlive Update 2.4 (06.04.2021) New Lands, Zath, Character Transfer and more! Oh my!

Hey, do you already know when the update will be live?

On stream they said they are aiming for today/tomorrow.

Shakes metal bars let me in let me in!

Whens it out? :wink:

Not yet.

Okay, thanks!

It is out:


OK well, time to see if the Horse nerf ruins the game for me. (PVE)

Is transfer working? I get Export TokenFailed message

Hello, do map-rooms require clan access for them now? My server is freaking out lol

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Currently Known Issues

  • The Character Server Transfer feature is still W.I.P. and actively worked on and not fully implemented in this initial build. Once we’re closer to its release we will release an announcement with all the details about it and its usage.

Can you tell me where to get slaves for a new religion? in the lands of the exiles

Sorry, I haven’t gone back to playing it yet. I’ve downloaded the update yesterday, but I was busy with other stuff.

Ouch the damage nerf was brutal. Losing the effects is terrible. Invalidates a lot of weapon choices for me. So will try to figure out how to make the best of it.

Anyone know what the best spear for raw damage is (without effects)?

You can apply reaper poisons for effects to the spear. Might help you.

Use an Ancient Lemurian Trident (needs Bladesmith) or Staff of Epimetreus (needs Confessor) as weapon.

Talking about mounted combat so effects no longer apply.

Listen: Apply (as in drag and drop it onto your spear in your inventory) reaper poison to your spear…

Are you saying that poison effects will work when mounted?

Yes. You can always apply poison to your weapons except the weapon already has an effect like bleed or corruption.

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Ah ok so the mounted combat nerf only applied to intrinsic effects… like bleed, sunder, cripple etc…?

Well if true that will be very helpful.


Good night, as this forum is well regarded by the Conan programmers, new BUG arose fix it fast, new zath god of spiders their orbs generate spiders and they are attacking players and their npcs and bugs on the pve server, it has the potential to kill bugs and even players, I had a hecatomb and used them to defend what I saw was alarming because they were on top of the npcs and the player who was helping me during hecatomb, they attack everything but the owner and their npcs and belongings.
In a Pve this cannot happen, since it can and will be used by players with bad intentions