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Adding a second voice to this question.

I have public maprooms right next to obelisks. Also, I have elevators and drawbridges to provide easy access to an obelisk.

Is “blocking” anything that intersects with the protected area of the POI?


A demonstration or example from Funcom would be a great help.


I like build near D4 obelisk.There is difficult to climb and i build stairs for public use.If i good understand all near obelisk will be destroyed.So need remove them?

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Blocking to me sounds like if you encircled it with a wall-crenellations.

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The PoI system should help prevent players and clans from blocking obelisks.
If the obelisk is surrounded by walls, foundation or any other structure, the PoI system will detect this as a blocked obelisk and the structure will be destroyed.

an example here - an obelisk is surrounded by a wall on all sides (it’s closed in). The PoI will identify this structure as blocking the obelisk and it will be destroyed.

Hope this helps!


We know how perfect working purge.With free way to gates they spawn inside building.Looks like we get something similar

So, what I am understanding is that intersecting the POI is okay, just not enclosing it. My maprooms, drawbridges, and elevators can intersect as long as the structure associated does not enclose the POI.

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So you want it smart enough to detect if there is a door or opening in a walled area near an obelisk? Then what? A maze with no doors?

So in lamens…It does a check to insure there is an opening in the no build zone. If so, all is good, but if not then all parts are destroyed. Very sensible if that is it. Although opening needs to be defined. 1 foundation worth or more?

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Actually, all I want is an answer.

If intruding into the POI = destruction, that’s an answer.

If a POI can be intruded into but not surrounded, that’s an answer.

Not certain where the “maze” thing is coming from. My circumstance is clearly stated. I have elevators and drawbridges in place to provide public access to maprooms. I also have a couple of maprooms built as close as possible to obelisks. On the servers I play, this has prevented folks from blocking access to obelisks.

If this is no longer allowed, that’s fine, I just would like to have a definitive answer.

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It depends on the depth of the scan of what it looks like from the point of interest. How much should it scan for an opening?



We are having two separate conversations. I am asking how the POI interference will work and you are asking me to define how the POI interference will work. Mayhaps you might read what I wrote because I can’t answer a question about a conversation that is happening only in your mind.

it doesn’t seem @Dzonatas read the cm’s post.

You and I are trying to clarify, and they are acting as if we are suggesting.

I am with you, as the way ot reads is as long as there is an unobstructed opening, nothing gets destroyed. I am asking for clarification in what an “opening” is. Hopefully they can, or maybe a tester can, give the answer before it goes live.

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Same question/ I have not seen a definitive answer as of yet.

Whoa! I’m simply trying to break it down in smaller pieces in programming sense. Yourself could at least have been constructive.

@biggcane55 I did read it. The example is not clear enough.

Based on these reactions so far, I would just let it destroy any walls (and doors) that are nearby. :rage:

As i understand, this is only for pc, cannot be changed on console so…

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When you will add TXAA antialiasing to the game Funcom?

Sigh, and there it is, the “I was just trying to help by not answering your question but representing you were asking another question and then chastising you for not having a solution.”

This isn’t about solving a programming issue, they have indicated there is already an answer and we are just asking for clarification. This isn’t a logic issue to be solved, this is information to be imparted.

Of course you would, because, that’s constructive.

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Thanks, @Dana

I tried building a wall around the obelisk at Dagon’s Eye, however, it is still standing, how long does the game wait for it to be deleted?

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Is this in single player? If so, did you enable the setting? Its off by default