Testlive Update (26.11.2020) - Update 2.2: Bug fixing, stamina and shield overhauls!

Suggestion for Funcom, lets call the patch notes from now on The Nerf Notes as that is always a nerf OR 10 in every update. Every single update you all add undocumented nerfs, every single time. Hidden nerfs, along with a host of new bugs but not like they will read any of these comments till Monday, almost forgot they do not work on the weekends.

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Yes, dead and buried.

Here is the link to the other thread about this: Funcom please do not do this!

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I have already crafted the lemurian axe , but i was just pointing out that those 2 items would be the same if not for the name they have ( if they both come with 0% armor pen ) witch is really weird … at least if they have to nerf it no matter what give something back to make it unique ( be it a skin that makes a rainbow when you swing would still be better than just the state it will be if it goes to live like this … )

this happen when you mix Developers with tons of :


they simply cant find their own tails while running in circles.

i am going to be EXTREMELY blunt, in the best Palm522 style , the one that funcom loves it.

Funcom WHAT THE HELL are you thinking? this is another CRapp and useless update, i, i mean its PATCH AFTER PATCH AFTER PATCH all of them BAD to worse. (and ignasis / hugo trying to run damage control,)

Anyone want to bet that despite what Ignasis says about chekcing feedback, this update will hit live
yes, they WILL BE SENDING THIS PATCH TO the LIVE BRANCH AGAIN And then run several hotfixes (again) then 2.3 will come with another large of people complaining.

why the stealth nerfs? why the undocumented changes? whats wrong with you and the totally unprofessional way to do thing? JESUS!!! please someone bring some sense to this team of developers taht have NO FREAKING IDEA What they are doing.

now seriously, can someone tell me if ANYONE at this point think the joke of game director that is runnin conan has any clues what he is doing? this game is turning worse with each patch. seriously, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER FUNCOM.

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Hello. I’ve been playing Conan Exiles for over a year now and every patch so far has either.

A. Broken something
B. Added changes that were unwanted by the community.

However, this update takes this to a whole new level.


These are questions that come to mind when I read this. This game only ever nerfs items rather than buff things. Nothing is unique, Nemedian will become useless and the godbreaker boots will become generic heavy boots. What makes Conan Exiles unique are the dungeons, the unique weapons that have different abilities and effects, the different armours that give different bonuses. Who the hell is gonna wear Nemedian? It’ll become useless. Its not even an overpowered item.

In addition, why add durability to Thrall weapons? Do you guys expect us to babysit each and every thrall for their durability? It’s rather ironic for a company named “Funcom” to take away so many good features in the game. You guys are LOSING PLAYERS and LOSING MONEY by making these obnoxious changes that only impact the game negatively. This beautiful game has so much potential to be the ultimate survival game and yet, the company is doing stupid things like this.

PLEASE. Don’t make these changes as they are not necessary.

Fellow Exiles, like this comment. Lets ensure our game doesn’t face these awful changes.


This does look as a not intended issue, it’s size and scope suggesting an issue related to importing datatables. Please do remember this is a work in progress build with possibly some bugs in it.
Instead of sounding the alarms, please do report this issue by following these steps, do let us know which changes are not documented so we can relay them to the team, and chances are, these are WiP bugs that need to be addressed in future iterations of this patch.


Nice to see updates that are already out dated coming out.
Funcom maybe the new Internet Explorer meme.

So at what time do you think youll get around fixing the game?

Well said Ignasis, thank you for the communication :3 I was just wondering if maybe the “stealth” changes were probably just unintended bugs or someone just forgot to add them to the patchnotes :wink: You is people too, it can happen okay! Don’t bring the whacky stick out! I was just saying! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was replying to those that say the T4 armorer is easy to get on EL, but not on Siptah. So in EL, you can easily get the right t4 profession to craft legendary repair kits. On Siptah, use eldarium.

And I did the delving bench. It didn’t take long to get a good choice of weapons., and with the new benches, the repair cost is not bad considering the durability of the weapons.

this is another case of the game trying to have some sort of economy where resources matter, and the player base spoiled by chests of excess don’t like it because now they have to actually farm more constantly.

I would be more inclined to support this sentiment, if past experience hadn’t shown that ‘what hits testlive - hits live next week’ and that reporting bugs on testlive appears to make no difference. I am trying very hard to maintain my patience with Funcom, but as a company Funcom is making this increasingly difficult. This testlive patch CANNOT be treated in the same way as previous testlive patches - it must not be allowed to go live before the issues are actually fixed.


Sort of like “its not fair that long time players have special bench thralls that make unique armor sets, waaa!”

Funcom: Cool, unique recipes are on ALL the thralls now.



Really really TRULY displeased with the unnecessary changes mentioned above by many people… There are unique items that brought something special to the table and now we just lose them for… What?

I think my biggest concern is that Funcom isn’t seeing the differences in mentality here. PvP players think differently than pve-c players. PvP is all boxes, honey combing, explosions, and bleed+poison builds…

Pve-c we have community and trade and dungeon runs and gear collections and stat builds and training and farms and… I dont know, we have fun in our escapism.

I’ve put over 1600 hours into this game in about a year due to the pandemic and having extra time on my hands. I LOVE this game… But most patches have seemed like mislead reactions to whiney complaints.

And then we’re told “server load is too high, too many thralls/pets, too many foundations” so instead of a build cap or thrall cap we get a million more benches BIGGER than before requiring more bench workers and defense and bigger housing with more foundations to fix it… Not to mention weeks of having to place fish traps ON MORE FOUNDATIONS cause they couldnt just go in water or a well…

I thought that would be the extent of my annoyance. I thought that would be the peak…

Not at all apparently.

Bug fixes are absolutely appreciated but what now? Siptah release and build changes already drove TONS of toxic PvP folk into the pve-c servers erecting giant boxes everywhere. Then came the million bench march. And here we are… Time to devote an entire vault to legendary kits. Time to devote a giant server breaking building to endless crafting of trash gear and the materials for it.

Its at a point now that you may as well redesign the logo to say “Not Quite Rust But We’ll Get There.”

Anyway… Since Siptah release, I had been drifting away regardless to a private server with more unique qualities and rare gear and benches that just make sense. Feels good to build with beauty and cleverness, feels good to hunt down unique and rare thralls, feels good to work hard and earn top tier special gear…

Feels bad to fall out of love with the base game.


Just saw your video about the weapon nerfs and thrall durability, terrible idea Funcom. Don’t make it so obvious you’re trying to kill this game. I’ll also be quitting the game along with Wak.

Everyone should watch Waks latest video about the possible changes coming in the next update. Thralls weapons and armor will now require you to baby sit and make sure they’re not about to break…

They’re also gonna nerf a bunch of weapons’ that they only just made good not that long ago like Dragon Bone and Teliths Sarrow. Weapons that if they have an upgrade on them, wont even be affected by the change.

Funcom once again making unnecessary changes instead of just making other legendary loot on par. Their idea of a solution to the problem is nerf it to the ground or make it harder. And guess what, that Yogs touch you’ve got with an upgrade on it already, not gonna change. Just like every other weapon Funcom tried to nerf in the past.

Take away God Breaker Boots, next the Champions Pants Corruption Cleanse I’m guessing. BTW your God Breaker weapons still don’t work.

I advise anyone reading this to not waste their money and time on a game like this.


Both are bugs. Repeatedly posted by Ignasis.


Hey there,

Just to confirm, durability changes for thralls and any lower stats on weapons or armor not mentioned in the patchnotes are now confirmed issues that will be addressed in an upcoming hotfix on Testlive.


List of bugs:
Khari armor’s still do not provide all stat bonuses, only 2 parts from each set do it
Carpenters still do not add any bonuses to arrows
Still impossible to hit arrow-knocked target
Shields still can drop blocking when you holding the key, or after attack was blocked
Predator’s blade + shield still can not damage by shield attacks (2nd and 4rd heavy, this attacks are performed with shield, not the blade, why they deal 1 dmg?)

Yeah, thats a problem too. What this does is remove one less difference between armors, meaning that heavy armor has one less drawback (if any). Isn’t everyone using heavy armor anyways? Don’t quite see how this helps the other two types.


FunCom devs,
There are so many bugs and glitches in the game. It is wonderful to see this major list of fixes.
However, I am disappointed to hear about changes concerning Nemedian helm and the boots. As well as changes to weapons and thrall equipment durability.

Please do not force these changes on our private servers and single player games. Please make an server setting to enable / disable these features.

Giving players and server hosts the ability to decide whether or not they want these settings in place will likely keep people much happier. People happy with the game will get more people to buy and play the game. People unhappy with the game not only will not encourage their others to get the game but also post negative reviews, causing even more loss of customers.

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nice to see this is getting addressed, and not sent to live server as happened in the last two test live patches.

be mindful of the karmic effects removal from godbreaker boots and rthe nemedian, this change might work well in exiles land, where having a t4 blacksmith is VERY easy, for siptah, its the way most people uses to repair their weapons. i would advice that this change is reverted. or allow repairing of broken gear with legendary kits…