Testlive Update (26.11.2020) - Update 2.2: Bug fixing, stamina and shield overhauls!

Nope Sand storm is still broken and comes invisible , that has not been fixed. I just tested it on testlive this morning,.


The legendary healing water skin got an undocumented change, pls give it a look funcom :slight_smile:

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approximate day of the update for the official game?

Probably Tuesday, and likely without fixing any of the reported issues.

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Apparently something to do with the game downloaded while I was at work tonight, but I’m not seeing any announcements so who knows what that was.

(Update: After hopping into the game and poking around I’m pretty sure it was just Steam being weird.)

There is no ETA for the live release yet. Being a major update, we’re giving it some time so we can collect and address any feedback regarding balance and stability.

This is incorrect. Please refrain from posting false information.

Has this happened on this update? Could you send us a report about this in a new thread by following these steps?


The problem is that this is precisely the experience that many of the player base have come to expect. A new update comes to testlive, we test and post bug reports and then the patch goes live a few days later without any apparent changes. When a company erodes trust among its customer base by repeatedly acting in a particular way, it is reasonable for the customers to expect the same treatment to continue. Like an abused dog, we cringe when you raise your voice to announce another update.

I recognise that you personally probably have little to no say in any of this, but you are the one that always winds up on the front line dealing with our complaints. Unfortunately, Funcom’s decision making in recent months (or longer) has led the player base to expect certain things to happen - it may be incorrect on this occasion, but honestly we would have to actually see it happen at this point before many of us can be sure.

You’ll notice that SylenThunder said ‘Probably’ - that defines the comment as opinion - I suspect at this point that you are as frustrated as we are - but slapping down ‘false information’ is only likely to work if Funcom starts giving the player base more reason to believe that these things won’t just happen the same way yet again.


The legendary healing waterskin was drastically reduced in effectiveness in Hotfix 2.0.5.

It was already acknowledged as an intentional change that wasn’t documented in this post: Healing Waterskin worthless after Hotfix 2.0.5

On a side note, the loss of version control and accidental undocumented introduction to a hotfix (early) could be easily discovered through automated processes as suggested here.

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I’m also a solo player, and i’ve never used the karmic effect with thralls or any other kind of “Abuse” of the item. I still see no reason for it’s existence in the first place, it’s a good item to have for sure, but nobody needs it

That’s what numbers are for, sorry to break your bubble, but a solo players are always at disatvantage against a clan of many active players. Don’t try to compete with them.

You know, once you get a legendary item, doesn’t mean that you have to use it always, not because it has the best stats in your inventory it has to be you weapon of choice. you can still craft items strong enough that can be easily repaired and that’s their advantage over legendaries. but you want to minmax so bad that the price you pay is the lrk farming.
So i still don’t believe anything i’ve said was stupid, in fact i’m more inclined to say that the nemedian has to go and should have never exist among other items… Gladly for you, and the vast majority of forum posters, i’m not the one who decides that :^)

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Thanks :pray:

On Siptah, where the thralls who can make repair kits are a very rare spawn in a Surge that costs a large amount of resources, The Nemedian is one of two ways to repair legendary items. (The other is mindless grinding of Legendary Weapon Repair Kits).

If all players wanted to do was grind repair kits and tend to baiting fish traps, we’d be playing a web browser game and not Conan.

That’s the issue.

On the Exiled Lands, it’s an entirely different conversation because T4 thralls are a dime a dozen.


Okay, I think I’ve cooled off enough to jump back into this thread.

Yeah, I agree that legendary weapons and tools should require “some sort of player effort” to maintain. The devil’s in the details, though.

In Exiled Lands, I made Unnamed City part of my routine, because it supplied me with a steady source of legendary kits. I find that to be a reasonable level of player effort. I never had a use for the “karmic effect” in Exiled Lands.

On the Isle of Siptah, things are very different. There are fewer bosses that drop legendary kits and they don’t always drop them. I gave Nemedian a try and it was such a blessing that I never even tried to grind for legendary kits.

With the “economy update”, it became possible to use non-Purge T4s to craft legendary kits. That makes things even easier in Exiled Lands, but doesn’t change the Siptah situation as much as the devs seem to think. Sure, my clan has a set up a Maelstrom “grinder”, and we can summon T4 surges. But the grind to get the particular T4 is still downright awful.

I keep hearing this accusation that we’re all sitting inside thick walls and not participating in the game world. Where does that idea come from? On a PVE(-C) server, the only reason to sit behind your walls is when you can’t think of anything to do.

There’s nothing you can accomplish effortlessly in Conan Exiles, except getting fat grubs. As soon as you decide on what you want to do – whatever it is – you have to start working for it. There are materials to gather, dungeons to go through, and if you’re on a PVE-C or a PVP server, people to fight. Speaking of PVP servers, I would imagine that people who play there literally can’t afford to sit idle behind their walls.

Yes, they most definitely should have compensated its effect or nerfed it less, and I’ll get to that in a moment. I just want to quickly address your claim that it won’t affect the game too much.

If they end up removing the karmic effect, those who decide to keep playing the game will undoubtedly adapt. The way I see it, I’ll probably establish a routine that allows me to grind up a few kits per week and I’ll reserve those kits for the hardest-to-obtain non-craftable legendaries. I’ll repair the craftable legendaries using the materials they need. And the legendaries that come from skeleton key chests will simply get tossed into the dismantling bench once broken, and I’ll keep using keys to make sure I always have spares.

So, you’re sort of right. Even though this change will affect the game, it’s not something we can’t adapt to. But does it affect the game “too much”? That depends on where people draw the line.

Now that I’ve had a few days away from the game and the forums, I know where I would draw the line. And it has to do with Funcom’s attitude towards the game and the game’s fans.

First came Siptah, which looked like a step in the right direction – make the progression more meaningful – but had a ton of what I assumed would be “placeholder” measures. They went overboard with RNG, but I assumed that was temporary.

Then came the updates. When you look at them, it’s pretty clear that the devs are seriously out of touch with the way the game is being played. Not only did those updates fail to make Siptah less of a Conan in Las Vegas, they didn’t do much to improve the base game either. The “economy update” ended up being a confused jumble of changes that doesn’t really accomplish much, especially not some of its stated goals. From what I’m reading here, this “combat update” is shaping up to be even worse. It looks like nothing has been done to address the two most unbalanced aspects of combat.

And on top of all of that, the quality control certainly hasn’t gotten any better, and the things that sounded like promises – namely “scalpel, not sledgehammer” and “better communication” – are being completely disregarded. Each update is a bigger and buggier mess than the one before.

Oh, and the cherry on top? Getting passive aggressive about @Wak4863’s video. Before anyone accuses me of being a fanboy, I don’t follow any of the Conan Exiles YouTubers. I only look up a video when I’m really dying to know something and it’s not on the wiki. And even then I end up skipping a lot, because I don’t have the patience for endless chatter. Having said that, I think that the official reaction to the video in question is really, really crappy.

Sure, Wak jumped the gun. I agree. But think about the previous update. There were numerous non-trivial bugs that were reported in TestLive and acknowledged by the Community Managers. Those were then carried over into live. Then they were reported again and acknowledged and left like that for way too long. Some of them still haven’t been fixed. Given all that, find me anyone at all that wouldn’t have “jumped the gun”.

Personally, I feel like the line has been crossed again and again, but the effort I’ve sunk into this game has caused something akin to the Stockholm syndrome in me. I kept rationalizing each of Funcom’s fumbles, explaining to myself – and often to others, too – that it’s not incompetence, it’s just a matter of time/resource/tech constraints. I’m done excusing Funcom.

Don’t even joke about that. There are certain people on these forums who seem to think Funcom changed the game some time ago because of the stuff they said and mods they wrote. Those people have a really high opinion of themselves, but at least they’re coherent and can be talked to. The last thing we need is a deranged lunatic on that same kind of ego trip :face_vomiting:


Was this on a stream? I usually only hang around forums, and this looks like a big deal to me. Like you explained above, Wak’s behavior was somewhat justified, and reflects what many other people commented on the very patch threads.

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No, it was on the forums. “Passive aggressive” might be a tad too strong, but given the TestLive track record, the whole “please don’t assume our changes are on purpose” would’ve been more palatable had it been accompanied by “we know that our TestLive patches are buggy as hell”. Not to mention that the mods were nowhere in sight when some people piled on to crow about how this is why nobody should watch FireSpark and Wak…


Have you had a chance to check out testlive yet?

Nope. Not enough space on my drives. And to be honest, I probably won’t check it out when I get my new drive, either. I’ve learned from previous TestLive updates that it’s not worth it. Besides, I need to take a break from Conan and see if I can kick the habit of playing it.


Fair enough. To be honest I felt like a chump running around on testlive yesterday. There are a large number of problems with the build on testlive that make it difficult to even test out the changes.


This cannot be stated firmly enough. Developers, please acknowledge just how long it takes to get a high tier Surge farmed up even for a large clan. Please acknowledge just how rare getting a T4 smith to spawn is. Please acknowledge just how rare getting the right T4 smith is to be able to craft legendary repair kits. This grind is heinous even for clans and it’s currently so discouraging to a single player that I’m truly not playing Siptah right now. I just can’t handle the massive grind for components.

Please either keep The Nemedian Karmic effect or increase legendary durabilities and/or increase legendary patch kit drop rates and/or increase T4 crafter spawn rates to offset just how rough The Nemedian karmic loss is on Siptah.


That’s basically what pissed me off so much. There are so many ways to compensate for removal of the karmic effect, but they just didn’t care enough. It would’ve been enough to make legendary kits – with the RNG coin flip to decide if it’s weapon or armor kit – a guaranteed drop from some Siptah bosses, like they do in Unnamed City. But they didn’t bother to do even that.

Siptah is the latest and greatest, their “new baby”. If they’re so out of touch with Siptah that they think just yanking the karmic effect is good for the game, I don’t want to know what the future updates will bring.


The do care tho. Funcom removed 100% chance of repair kits drop in unnamed city and from what I tested drop rate from bosses is pretty low too.