Testlive Update (26.11.2020) - Update 2.2: Bug fixing, stamina and shield overhauls!

POINT Taken., those are not easy to find unless you are following the thread.,

maybe to point out there is still some very old bugs that coiuld use some attention? which i am sure some people are referring to.

Tip: Multigun, Narelle and I (and many more) were certainly around during Trello and actively contributed to it. It was great in concept, but failed in implementation. By necessity, there was probably an internal list dictated more significant problems that took precedence.

To the extent possible, it seemed the team took it into account while prioritizing additional resources. At least I saw results.

The problem comes in when you realize that such a small minority of players were even aware of Trello that it was not a representative sample.

Even board participation is dominated by those who come here wanting answers. A good thing, as far as I am concerned, but not a significant portion of the playerbase.

Recognizing the above from a business perspective, you still have the ability to influence.

Consider posting a poll in General Discussion of your worst 10 bugs. The ones that irritate you the most, but post it impartially (and respectfully) and let the board population vote.

You may be surprised.




I AM not expecting a game free of bugs, that would be impossible, however, there is a list of very old bugs , considering when the game launched it seems to me that they should be resolved, i mean i saw almost the same thing with AOC, bugs killed the game. and trust me when i say it worries me. Conan exiles is a great game. but falls short witht he details and Bug handling. cant tell if the issue is related to lack of getting organized, or their resources (coders) getting to thin. between trying to fix the game, trying to improved or trying to add things to it. there seems to be a little lack of consistency,.

as an example, i have no idea if the Xbox thing got sorted out or not, but it tells a story when a game company cant get it right for months (xbox problem) , or trhe cheating /undermesh problem , for how long it has been around? or little details as the red mother sinking thralls in the terrain, or her hits box being not good. or the release of the new benches missing resources and not working as intended ( i can take Siptah out as it is in Early access, but exiles map is not) (i think all that got somewhat sorted out, still needs QOL improvements) its the details, all the way to the issue of incomplete patch notes. (greatly improved for the latest ones)

well, it works a little bit like polling, its never exact, but it gives you an idea, same thing on the forums or reddit. the vast majority of players do not even care to post, or read forums for sure.

i will do that its a great idea, (during the weekend) .

100% agree,. i have , i am a witness yes!,. there is however room of improvements, use test live in the right way ( it seems based on 2.2 that they got it right!!)

try ask community how would we feel about something that could change the way the game is played ( poll , provide options and let people pour their input) this will give a more ample perspective on things!


Show me where I claimed it was “more important”. I said pvp is a main element. What do you think avatars are for? (Had to remove “Wtf” because this community seems to think it goes against the guidelines…)

Here’s my list:
Thrall pork feeding to increase damage and one shot people
Invisible sandstorm that makes many newbies drop game / ragequit
Invincibility after throwing an axe and standing on it, breaks pvp fun
Speedhackers - yeah battleye does not work like it should

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Hi all, come back to check on testlive after a while. I think I didnt try this patch from the shield overhaul before, did anyone else notice a lot more stuttering with this patch, using AMD processor and video card?

I have an AMD processor and Nvidia video card, and haven’t noticed anything like that.

Might double-check your drivers.

Full AMD here.
I got a bit of stuttering too. I had before in densely populated areas such as the bigger mounds, Asagarth or Sepermeru, but now I’m a bit laggy in less populated areas (UC, Skulker’s end volcano).
I’ve got a bigger GPU (4gb to 8gb), fresh driver install, disabling mods, but those did not help.
Not game-breaking or annoying at any levels but still. I’ve noticed it too.

In my case, since I’m using an old CPU FX 8320E and video card RX 480 4 Gb, it’s very noticeable, the live version dosent stutter at all, but the testlive version does. Both on the same single player game, tested on my base between Muriela’s Hope and The Den.

Hey everybody,

We pushed an additional hotfix on Testlive addressing an issue.

Version 2.2.267422 released. Changelog:

  • Fixed an issue in listen servers that caused player characters to fall through building pieces when relogging inside a base.

Have a happy new year!


Now I can restart building my 50x50 pyramids :slight_smile:

Since the hotfix I have not had a dead enemy slip into the mesh! Except the 3 Skull Unnamed City Snake Boss that is.

Thanks Funcom!

Also, thanks for fixing the Nightstalker Mask.


so… when is it going out of testlive?

Was it pushed with today’s update too? Because i still experience (now even more often) falling through foundations.

It was clarified that listen servers are singleplayer/co-op servers. This is what this fix is for. If you are playing on a server then the fix won’t apply to you.

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It looks like I was wrong. Dead bodies are still glitching into the mesh. It does seem the rate is lower now though.

Also, even though the Nighstalker mask is no longer glitchy it’s still pretty useless. I find that a majority of time I have to use a light source to see well enough to avoid walking into things or off a cliff… and just a torch w/o the mask seems to provide better visibility.

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