Testlive Update (26.11.2020) - Update 2.2: Bug fixing, stamina and shield overhauls!

Took a while, but here it is! This means that after 2.5 secs you can cancel it at any time, right?


Thank you for listening to the community, i hope the next time you address the karmic effect, or any other effect already in the game, gets a better treatment and understanding of how the playerbase will react if you remove it completely.

I was fine with the precious changes, i see no reason for the karmic effect to exist at all, we used to live without it, and its really easy to find legendary repair kits and weapons to replace the broken ones, most of them are thrash though, so… perhaps they require some attention?

I may suggest that instead of random legendary items, every boss should drop some sort of legendary material required to craft it, they can also drop legendary recipes or learn them somewhere in the world.
This way instead of having chest filled with legendary items that will never be used, players may search the materials to craft the item they want. If they can craft it they can fix it, they won’t need this karmic effect at all, neither farming for an legendary repair kits, that in some places seems to be very easily obtained, they only need the legendary material required. Now that i think of it, it reminds me of Age of Conan, that in order to craft some epic items you need a special ritual and/or having some very rare ingots, this could be here too, i believe this will add more value to the item and the quest to obtain it, not depending only on RNG.

To be honest i liked the idea, if it was well implemented, they receive far more hits than a player and are not really very communicative about their affairs so they would need to have more durability resistance.

Thank you, is really annoying to accidentally hit the quickbar button where the wraps are located and get locked in a 10sec animation in the middle of a fight.

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The Daggers of Dagon are in the known issues on the patch notes. They are fixed internally, but were missed them in the first pass. QA found the error before it went to Testlive, but we didn’t want to delay this patch for a minor data change. It will get fixed in the next patch.

As for why we don’t revert back to before this mistake was made, it isn’t really feasible with how the system works. We can roll back to the commit before that, but it would revert every fix that was made after that. In situations like this where a set of items was accidentally set to a lower tier we have to go back and change them 1 by 1. Fun stuff.

To speak in a broader manner, we are looking at our patch note process and I’ll try to make sure that we explain things in more detail. We generally do a better job at this on live patches, but it’s obvious we need to take an extra step with Testlive patches as well. On large changes I want to make sure we explain our intent behind them, not just a small snippet of what changed.

Thanks for all the testing everyone has assisted us with on this patch. I really appreciate it!


This latest changelog looks really, really nice! It’s got concrete numbers and also a few notes explaining the idea behind the change. This should make it much easier to test the changes, notice if anything’s weird, and give feedback.

Thank you – and everyone on the team – for listening to the feedback and improving the process. :slight_smile:


Enh. Unless you’re talking Exiled-Lands-only, or you have a very restricted arrow capacity, I think Twice Upon an Arrow (60x2 damage/shot w/30 Acc & Star Metal arrows) would like to have a word with your Khari Bow (106 damage/shot).

I don’t know, sorry, but I can make a guess.

Some imaginative, brilliant dev wrote a JS/C++ script that, when a mistake is found, looks for similar problems throughout the items or spawns and then, already weary, checks every one of them.



you must be new to test live or suffer from a very very short memory,… care to recall what happened the last two patches that went to testlive (not asking you to go further back,)

Agree that’s how I wish it looked like all the time. So u just need to verify so the change is what it said it is.
It’s been a pain in the ■■■ to know if something was intended or not, so concrete numbers and more specific information on what’s changed is very helpfull.

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if you are talking about the karmic effect, being re applied to the itwo items, then i think you should read the patch notes, you will find (Rather quickly) that the karmic effect of those items were an intended change, that even went to the logs. are we all talking about the same ?

i want to believe you ! do hope , you guys get more organized with that,. , (it seems a step forward with the last patchnotes)

i would hate to see another hollow promise as the game director did (twice) when he said they will be improving communication with the community (which ended up being a LIE), so keep up the good work with that

He’s not. You can follow the thread back by pressing on the up arrow to see what post he was replying to:

If you follow the thread to its origin, you’ll see that Wak asked about why an accidental change can’t be reverted in bulk instead of one by one, and then Chaoruk claimed it’s because it wasn’t an accident.

I agree with Multigun: enough of the toxic crap. It’s one thing to be pissed off about the changes and the state of the game. It’s something else completely to accuse them of deliberately lying about those changes.

I don’t get why people feel like Funcom needs to lie about this. What purpose would that actually serve? Does anyone honestly think that lying about whether it was an accident would actually change anything? Affect their bottom line or something? Get real.


After today’s update this bug (my previous post regarding OnEquip) is still there.

Experience with Funcom. :slightly_frowning_face: They do make some great games, but their past is troubled with, uhm, let’s say: a series of accidentally misleading statements, totally honest, but never fulfilled promises and probably totally innocent investment choices that led to the arrest of their CEO some years back.

Let me see if I got that right. In 2012, the CEO of Funcom sold stock and resigned. In 2016, that same former CEO got charged with insider trading. And from that, in 2020, you infer that Funcom devs and/or community managers are going to lie about whether a data table in a game was changed on purpose or by accident?


If that’s what you’re saying, I have a shopping recommendation for you.


Thank you for explaining the process, this information will help me with both content creation and with reporting issues on the forums.


I absolutely can not tell you Funcom, what a joy this is to read! I am delighted with the level of communications I see here and when it comes to testing stuff it really is a tremendous help. Very excited to see the considrations being done for healing wraps for that “oh no! I really need to move!” moment with the time penalty included. At least I am not a 100% sitting duck or a run away coward. Understanding Karmic will get another look later, it’s wonderful to keep some uniqueness. I think the community is going to be overly happy with this subset of changes. Really, just thank you!

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And still no mention on the issue that FLS has been causing since it was implemented. It should at least be listed in the “Known Issues” section.

Or maybe you can just say that you don’t give a **** about those who are affected, and we’ll know to stop looking to see if you’ve bothered to do something about it.

Tone down the personal attacks, friend. It doesn’t help your position.

Which FLS issues are impacting you? We have been doing fixes to the system as we discover them, so if you can be more specific I can try to find out the status.

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This would be Gold. Thank you!