Testlive updates

I think most of the updates at this point break the game even further for example u did fix the bad player name (I am thankfull for that) but you never fix the glitch places on the map which destroy the player experience on the Pvp server, as most of the people would give up on the officials because there is no staff to protect against that abuse. I mean you guys don’t play the game and being honest here is pretty damn hard to advance in the game because of these particular exploiters which ffs literally make bases unraidable and that s pretty damn bad when you are just trying to pvp. Are you really just gonna ignore it 1 month before the final update? Servers like official are literally dying and you can t take proper feedback from there I suggest u fix your stuff… You will literally keep being wiped by people untill YOU will move to another server that is game breaking as YOU can’t literally fight back. I am not going into what exactly u have broke but let s say people can literally go and build outside the map which I don t think is okey for a game like this…

Actually they do play the game… Mostly incognito, that way you never know who is on unless they ask for more information on comments in chat.


Incognito confirmed!


They haven’t fixed anything in for too long, the remaining time will not be enough for them to fix half of the bugs known so far. And sadly, after 8th May, nobody will be able to hide behind the EA shield.

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