Texture errors XBOX ONE S

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Greetings to the developers of such an exciting and great game. I ask you to pay attention to such moments in the game. This always happens especially on the Black Hand Ship. Then after a while, the game crashes. With a rollback time of 5-10 minutes. Thank you for your attention.

Thanks for showing some screenshots about this issue I mentioned this a week ago and this texture problem has been plaguing my game since Aug. 2020 and this almost makes this version of the game unplayable because when this starts to happen you will be dashboarded a few minutes later.

Sometimes it takes off in an hour. I noticed why! When you go long distances on the map, such errors begin. For example: hiking in the mountains for ice and back to the savannah. It spoils all the aesthetics and beauty of this game. The beauty of this world, and what is important, the GIANT of everything, strikes the eye.

Hi @Mazzz73, welcome to the forums, the team is aware of this issue and it’s being looked into, apologies for the situation.

Let’s hope you can handle it. :pray:

The dev team may wish to look at Bridge of the Betrayer on XB1 S as well. It sometimes has rendering issues as you approach it from any direction. (SP mode)

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