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[Free text] chunks of the scenery still disappear after the current update making the game crash a few minutes later this happens in the area below the Blackhand ship in canyon and the jungle area if you are in the center of the map by the river and the huge wall of rock facing that river below the temple

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Hello @mongo300, welcome to the forums.

Is this happening in both single-player and online?

Could you provide us with a short video of the occurrence and a screenshot of the in-game map pointing at the exact location?

I don’t have a way to show this but it seems to fade the textures as you move around like a water color effect and when this happens your game will crash with in minutes after this starts happening this has been happening since the August update last year.

I know you probably don’t want to hear this i know i didn’t but it’s true you should upgrade to a xbox one x i did before the update and the crashing stopped and after the update it’s still good i crashed once in 6 days that’s much better than every 5 to 10 minutes

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I am waiting for the Series X to become available someday I sure the game will run a lot better there

Thank you for providing additional details, we have relayed this information to the developers.

I just log out when I see the hills look like pudding. I know what’s coming.

it sucks but you are right when this occurs log out or the machine will do it for you

My buddies and I on official server 2501 pve have been crashing to xbox dashboard regularly every few hours. This didn’t happen on my private server or on singleplayer for me.

I too am dashboarding on the “s” now. Official server, online. Where? Hmm…lets see…dregs area, southern aqueduct area near red city, the dam, teliths island, jungle obelisk near derketo, south ridge by asgarth…
Over the last 3 days.
Cause? Climbing, running, swimming, using tables, getting into thralls inventory and teleporting.

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