This Dang Dash boarding issue

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [America]

First off, I love this game and I love that Funcom takes the time to hear our complaints. And attempts to fix issues that we find. however, I was sure that this issue would have been addressed by now, I have seen it since preview addition, and have seen very little in the way of fixing this. I remember reading in an update sometime before October of 2018, they had fixed it or at least reduced the dashboarding issue. But it seems that it has gotten a lot worse since then. I have done everything I can, aside from buying a new Xbox. Or move to a computer. But as I type this, I am on my 14th log in to this official server I play on and I am kicked again. The playing single player thing is not working, restarting the Xbox is not working, and reinstalling the entire Trillian gigs of this game did not work. I am at my running out of options. This is also the biggest issue people bring up in this forum. I am not looking for an overnight solution. But maybe a plan. Just let me know that you have a plan to fix it and when then I will not bring this up again.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.logg on the game
2.move 10 steps
3.restat game
4.log into server
5. repeat until you go insane.

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Hello @MediocreFox, we deeply apologize for the delay in this situation’s resolution and for the frustration it has been causing you.

The team is aware that it’s still affecting some users, the suggested temporary workarounds may not always be effective but, until we’re able to crush this issue for good, it’s the best bet.

For me this is also an annoying issue. Since I started with Conan Exiles some months ago I experience this CTD. For luck, the workaround helps, so in most cases before I even start to play online I log in once offline, then returning to menu and then playing online. But almost every time I start playing online without this “procedure” the game ctd.
It feels very odd and happens on all my xboxes (2 Xes and one S).

Even this is only “annoying” it is the first impression you get when you enter the game. CTD is something you experience almost never on a XBox - this is one of the core features of a console compared to a PC - stability.

I love the game and like funcom are willing to help allways. So this is meant to be taken as constructive feedback. Your work is well appreciated. Thank you.


I play xbox, official, pvp. I just wrote a post about this on the discussions page. I have the same problem. My Xbox is plugged into a router with a ethernet cable, I thought the wireless was the problem. I can play for up to about 45 minutes then I get disconnected. It doesn’t matter what I do, play single player, reset modem, hard reset Xbox. It will not let me join. Sometimes if I wait 24 hours I can start playing again only for the process to start over. I don’t experience this on Ark or any other game besides Conan. This is really discouraging because I always have an inventory trying to do something build, Farm, dungeon run, refresh bases. I dont know what the problem is but what’s the point when I could be raiding someone only to disconnect. I constantly wake up dead, and barely get to play the game because of the constant disconnect. Plz do something about this funcom.


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