Thall shields take damage when blocking

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]

I’ve been finding broken shields on my thralls for a while now and assumed my clanmates were lazily swapping them when they broke.

Turns out when a thrall blocks damage with one, it really chews up the durability. An attack I blocked myself took 20 points, whereas my thrall’s shield took several hundred.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Equip thrall with shield
  2. Aggro your thrall onto an enemy
  3. Check shields durability when thrall blocks attacks

Hi @tobbiusness, does this behavior apply to any shield type or to a specific one?

Which shields were they using?

The shield my thrall and I were using was a Flawless Hardened Steel Shield, but the quality doesn’t appear to make a difference. Some of my thralls have regular Hardened Steel Shields and I’ve found them broken in their inventory as well.

Thank you for clarifying, we’ll have our team look into this matter.

Have encountert this whit legendary shields the cold protction and the heat protection shields

Cheers @Hugo.
Just wanted to add I hope Thrall Shields aren’t meant to take damage. Their weapons and armour don’t, so it makes sense for shields not too either. As a player, I do not want to have to micromanage their gear.

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