Thanks to the efforts from our team, a solution was implemented into our system

Yes, someone fixed, what someone else screwed up. and for that you are tapping yourself on the shoulder. rightfully? well, i am not sure what to think of that. some of use are still banned and are fuming, and some of you are celebrating (so it feels). yes again, someone did a great job putting out an fix, but rubbing it under the nose of those who are still banned? i am not talking about that those bugs should not have happende in the first place, i am talking about beheavour, who someone is handling the situation with the community, shame on you, or you, or who ever feels reasponsibly. probalby nobody,
sorry for coming over so harsch, but i am very very sad

and now you want me to buy displates of conan, as shown on steam. how very sesitive of you

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