Praise! ...for once. Finally :D

Sure you broke getting on a horse… not being able to jump after climbing with double jump. Greater Hyenas not attacking. …brought back the ‘thralls fall underground’ bug … BUT!! … and I mean it.

You are forgiven. That’s why I bought 50€ coins.

Why? Because:

  • Bob’s and back bob’s armor. (65% of the reason, …it really is christmas isn’t it ^^? lol)
  • Teleportation. (25% of the reason)
  • Emotes for thralls. (10% of the reason)

I’ll change my Conan Exiles review on Steam to positive.
…and believe me I hate funcom and tencent.

Now give me shaved characters and I’ll give you another 50€ :smiley:


I have no idea what you are talking about.

And I disagree, I like Funcom because they gave me a very cool Conan game to play.

Bugs and all.


Well …with illusions you can have bob’s armor. Or what exactly do you mean?

I sronglly recomend the game “She will punish them all” on steam , i discovered this gen during my ban period on conan.

My view of Funcom has gone in the opposite direction to the OP. They take your money and then ban you for no reason while many cheats and undermeshers get away with anything that they like. Funcom even say that they want ‘to keep all in game issues visible to all our players’ then when you post something that they don’t like your thread is taken down and you are censored for speaking the truth.

You didn’t get banned for no reason. I reported your 100,000 block cube. When you rebuy the game for another account, maybe follow the rules.

True, you don’t get banned for no reason. You get banned for playing Conan Exiles apparently that is all it takes now. As for the rest, i don’t have a 100k block, i wasn’t in a clan and had no buildings at all so keep guessing.

Also, do we know each other? Or are you just trolling?

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