The 3 jewelry sets in Debaucheries of Derketeo needs to have the same pieces!

Might not be the correct place for this post, but it is kinda sort of a suggestion/request

Basicly i don’t get why the “bejewelled” “gold” “silver” jewelry set all do not have the same 5 pieces.
Bejewelled has pieces for head, torso, arms, legs, feet ! while the other 2 have 5 pieces but they are for
head, head, head, arms, feet ! Thats 3 pieces for head and none for torso and legs !
Could this plz be redone ?

I agree, if the silver set were the same pieces as the gold set, we could make the Red Sonja chainmail bikini ! But I’m not sure, is it a mod? If so, best place to request it would be the steam page of that mod.

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The jewelry set is just that. Jewelry. Bejeweled is a newer outfit from the debauchery dlc. I believe the jewelry has been around all along
I agree that some changes would be nice. :grinning:

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@sestus2009 All the jewelry items were added in the debaucheries DLC.

@Buri You can dye the bejeweled set with gray / light gray dye to give it a silver look to it. Looks really similar to what Red Ssobja is wearing in my opinion.

oh … if the jewelry is from earlier(i must have missed it somehow) that explains it, i still think it should have torso and leg pieces that would match tho… but i guess using dancers outfit pieces and colour them will solve it in worst case.
My source saying these jewelry pieces was from Derketo DLC is Official Exiles wiki btw:
Clearly lists Bejewelled, gol and silver jewelry as part of the DLC there …

@lattis Hello there was some confusion on my part. The jewelry that has been in game along is the items made in the mold,s ankle t bracelet circlet and earrings. Had to go into my game to screw my head on straight. To see my mistake now I’m going to make a bunch for the girls at camp


They should at least add chest and “legs” piece for the silver set. Those give strength and would be the best combination. No defence but amazing damage… and look!


I always fix jewelry for my female dancers, since we don’t have classic hats… :joy::joy::joy:.

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I would like to see a set of Copper Jewellery and also Copper coins added into the game. I also support the idea of Silver Bejewelled ‘armor’.

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