The 50 mil npc kill event

Question what about modded map private server … are they able to partipate in the killing slain event ?

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Modded servers are participating yes. Something like a Savage Wilds may or may not work. Likely, the more modded it is, the more complicated it becomes of registering the numbers.

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does the single player kills count too ?

Good luck in the mass murder spree! I’m on ps4 so I’ll be joining you all in spirit, you know, for moral support


Not that I known of. Pretty sure it has to be on a server of some sort, but don’t quote me on that. I’m basing that on the language used on the blog.

Only wish console could help to as I’m not happy about getting the items from other people that works for them to say as I want to help but I’m on Xbox but I will rut for you pc nonetheless good luck and thanks for any items you unlock for everyone

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@Multigun based on the lack of specificity about officials vs private servers, and the fact that they mention admin spawned npc’s will not count, do you think it’s safe to assume that kills on private servers will count to the total?

that my question as it need to be more detail cuz on steam chart it only peak out at 11,000 players and that 800 per kill each one need to make per day that madness adn only third of that plays on official

you can track progress here


drach i appreciate the help but that not answering the original question … im asking about serious conditions that funcom has set

as far as I’m aware they are, rationale: server update affects all servers private and official alike

yeah i hope so its why i wanna ask before we start telling all private servers with mods to go head and schedule events to kill as many as we can

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The “all servers” seems sketchy. I play on a “very” private server, that is a notebook standing right next to my PC. Will that report kills for the event? Why would the implement a reporting system for that?

technically does not matter, if it’s online, it counts
now if it’s only in local network - meaning not seen in server browser - this might be an issue

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Anyone know how they are able to tally this. is there a script running in the .db that reports #'s back to Funcom?

shame less bump maybe someone can confirm from funcom side pretty please

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Considering we are already at 23.3 million, I would think it is safe to assume private servers do count. It would make sense though, that only vanilla spawns would count.

So SW probably not.


Easy yes as I would simplify it by turning the purge trigger down to min and by the time you’re done another one starts and with thralls and spawned building and items I would say it’s lots of combat with little quite time and yes I do this for me a lot

When does the event end as we are only at 38mil at this point?

from May 27th 19:00 CEST / 1 pm EDT to June 3rd 19:00 CEST / 1 pm EDT

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