The anti-construction system is very aggressive

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Region: [ MÉXICO ]
Hardware: [ PS4 SLIM ]

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the ban space is too big for the little space that the chest buried in the ice occupies … can you let me build at least in admin mode?
50 squares around is too much for a chest.

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Steps to Reproduce: Go to the C-12 box to realize that there is a prohibition of construction only by a small chest and ghosts of the story mode.

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If you are able to hook a keyboard up to your playstation you can press the “insert” button to bring up the command prompt, you can then use the command: “playercanbuildeverywhere” -space- “your psn” now you can build in blocked zones, but there is a limit to the amount of pieces you can place in any given no build zone.


Thanks for the tip :+1:

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You are most welcome

This place was abused for so long to build undermesh, it is a good thing that it is now a no build area.

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Too bad, this was my favorite place to build because there are few places with a floor as flat and extensive as it is

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