"Building is not Allowed Here"

With that I mean, the only changes that have happened around the areas reported have been of those two kinds. But the anti-exploit fixes seem to be the most likely case for most of the stuff reported here (and 100% the case for those who built outside the green wall). But still, not discarding the fact that there was adjustments of no build areas around camps and POIs. Since the team that is in charge of looking into it hasn’t had the time to properly dive into all and every single of the reports here collected, we can’t with 100% certainty rule out that possibility. But again, the most likely scenario that caused the issues here are anti-exploit and map geommetry fixes.

In that case, a toggle to disallow those anti-exploit changes has been suggested. But currently it’s not on the priority list, as console stability and optimizations are at the top of things to work on.

Once again, this may not be the news you all were looking for, but it’s what we have at the moment. If we hear any new development we’ll update the thread with it. Do also feel free after a reasonable amount of time to ask for an update, in case it has fallen through the cracks.


Thank you for keeping us in the loop. Even a report of no news is news.

Just to chirp up, even if it is in the distant space future of vaguery, I would adore an admin toggle for fewer building restrictions.


Ok gotcha. For the most part that has cleared up what you meant there. :+1: If I could be bold, there are just two things I would like to follow up on.

I had actually wondered about this. By adjustments, do you mean that the no build area around enemy camps was extended?

Maybe not, but Im still relieved that you shared it with us. A ‘nothing yet’ is always better than silence, and Im glad for it.

Oh please do let us know if you do hear anything @Ignasi! Absolutely, I am happy to leave this subject and thread as a whole rest for now. But if I may make one final, small request…? Ignasi could we please leave this thread open so that when the time does eventually come, we can pick up where we left off here, as opposed having to explain it all over again?


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I remembered this post when I read this one below. Maybe it helps here? I don’t test it but sound like a nice hidden option with the insertbutton and command


I use KB all the time (mute) ~, nor insert key does nothing on ether of my KB’s sadly.


It has a weird glitch where sometimes the admin panel doesn’t open, relogging or waiting should fix the issue most of the time… it rarely happens for me though usually it let’s me open the panel

Admin panel opens via Options on console, never had key binds work for console commands. (which was a request made a few times.)

Well this is how I built my map room in the unnamed city on our private server and how we summon people as well on xbox. It must be an issue regarding specific circumstances. We can even view the debug HUD on official servers on console with the command ToggleDebugHUD

Edit: with admin panel I meant command prompt or however you want to call where you type the commands. Uploading screenshots now.

1st picture is map room in unnamed city and second picture is the command line showing in the bottom. You can even make this line show up without admin rights and use limited commands in official. Like the toggledebughud which gives you some nice info like your ping, coordinates, and current number of people in the server

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construction bans in places where there is practically nothing important are something that should not be; at least it should be an exception for the single player mode … I was about to build on the C-12 grid and my surprise was that the entire frozen lake is forbidden and I don’t understand the reason for it when there is not much and always it had been possible to build there.

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The time has come. With the current focus and discussion surrounding the subjects of landclaim, peoples bases and building restrictions, it is time to follow up this matter once again. I would also add as justification for the timing that I was instructed to:

It has now been 6 months since this issue was last raised, and 10 months since the thread was first generated. Myself and no fewer than 14 other members have boldly come forward to give their accounts of what has happened to their games. This has ranged from loss of numerous building freedoms both enjoyed by and unique to Singleplayer mode, loss of control over thralls, and in most cases loss of some or even all ability to build within the players own base.

Right now the primary area of discussion is centered around problematic landclaim and the negative ramifications it can carry. But the negative effects of landclaim and the far reaching consequences of it are not always brought about by the player. As we see here, sometimes it is the landclaim restrictions themselves which damage others. Thus, I would like to invite @Ignasi, @Umborls or any other member of @Community to provide a long and patiently waited for update on this situation. Furthermore, I would also like to reaffirm a commonly agreed upon request for


Finally, I would also end with a colloquialism. If we are going to encourage creative builders to come to Singleplayer mode and Private Servers then give them the room to gallop there and to indulge their passions.


Greetings @Croms_Faithful,

Thank you for tagging us. Unfortunately, the only information we have on the building issue is that it was added a blocker to the exact point of your base and it caused the issue you experienced.

At this time we still don’t have plans to provide the slider or option to reduce the building restrictions. We’ll make sure to forward your suggestions to the team once more.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


It is unfortunate how long this has gone without satisfactory redress.
A lovely game that so often has decided that it would be better if players could do less rather than more. This increasing restrictiveness is coupled with only vague explanation, which leaves uncertain of whether new difficulties we encountered are bugs or “features” (working as intended). The bitter pill of unmitigated encroachment against builder style players would be easier to swallow if updates on new building exclusion zones at least came with a map so we could get all the pain of loss out of the way up front rather than feeling it anew with every frustrating discovery.

The revelation that there is a console command that could ease all of this pain for the builder community, but no intention to move it into the server settings slider or admin panel burdens console players unduly, deny an option to the majority of players, those already unable to address problems with mods (which we have heard on Livestreams as an excuse not to implement a quality of life feature, “there’s already a mod for that”).

Playing on console, one accepts certain limitations as inherent to the medium of play. However, when the play experience is diminished through choice, rather than the realities of hardware restrictions, it does nothing to contribute to good will or hope for future prospects.

Most unfortunate.


@Community To all of you wonderful folks at Funcom I have good news to report on this matter. While it may come as no surprise, the new Allow Building Anywhere option worked like a charm, and appears to have resolved the issue I was having. And I can now build in my base once more! Why see for yourselves…!!

I did however notice that it is still not possible to place followers down in the area, and just wanted to check if this was intended or not?

Now with that said, even if it was intended to remain that way please, PLEASE do not mistake the aforementioned question for complaint. As the whole pupose of this post was to offer my most sincere, profound, undying thanks for bringing this option to Conan Exiles as an admin setting! ALL of our freedoms are now back; I can build in restricted areas, beyond the green cursed wall, and even in dungeons and caves again!! This option will ensure maximum freedom and creativity for singleplayers and private server admins while still safeguarding players on officials from exploiters building outside the green wall and in the undermesh. You have outdone yourselves not just with this option, but the sheer might of Update 3.0 as a whole. I absolutely love it! CMs please feel free to mark a ‘Solution’ in this thread if you wish.

So from the depths of my heart please allow me to say

Thankyou all at Funcom so very much for bringing this option to your playerbase!! :heart: :black_heart: :heart:

I feel that a quote from Conan himself may best describe how I am now feeling at this time: “I live, I burn with life, I love, I slay, and am content.” (Robert E Howard, Queen of the Black Coast)


When the Devs get it right, it is nice to see it reflected in the forums.

Nicely done @Croms_Faithful .


While I realise it is going out a little late, a thankyou in turn for your kind words @Damon! I have always been happy to offer positive feedback and encouragement where there is room to do so, and still regard myself as a strong supporter of Funcom. And should I ever need to provide critical or negative feedback, I try to keep it as polite, constructive, factual and informative as I possibly can. As the saying goes we catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Truth be told, I am just so happy to be able to build in my base again. In addition I am thoroughly enjoying Update 3.0 and the battle pass. For me at least: times are good.


It is good news.

Placing thralls likewise would be lovely, but credit where credit is due, this is an answer to a request that has been of some gravitas for at least a few of us for some time.

A much welcome addition.
Especially along with both the expertise perk for more building stability and the ability to disable stability limits.


Yes! I’ve been waiting for this as well. Glad i checked into this classic thread. Thanks to everyone that made this happen.