The best trhall


I had to make an account just to “like” this post. So true. And the narration is awesome!


If I didn’t have an account I would’ve made one too - lol - love it!! hahaha


broken game

Hey there,

Please don’t bash developers. This is against the community guidelines:

See also: How to be a pro PS4 bug hunter

you were very low in reporting a true message. at no time did the boss criticize the developers. pore. he should have criticized, I believe that criticism is constructive when it is true, if the game has flaws, they are the fault of the developers and they cannot be immune to criticism. I hope that they evaluate soon and release the boss to make new posts, he is an honest player and does not live here on the forum just to be denouncing the players who show the flaws, players like you who flag posts unjustly should be punished.

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Hey there,

If you have any issues with moderation, please send them a DM.

Click @Cattibria’s name or picture and then :email: Send Message. New members may have to read and post a few messages before they can do so; this is to prevent spam.

Please note, forum moderators are volunteers, not Funcom employees.

and what does your information have to do with posting Boss ?? he was not reporting a bug, he was just showing other players about the bug that was not fixed and that funcom is already aware of. did you see him or me or someone in this post talking about the forum moderators? or talking about the game’s developers? you can speak English? I do not know how to speak English but I clearly understood Boss to criticize the funcom company and the game conan, he at no time criticized developers or forum moderators, you are only here to disturb his pistagem, I suggest you look for another topic to harass.

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