The character of Conan

I became a fan of the Conan universe since a few years, and I was before well a fan of the film: Conan the Barbarian, with Arnold Scwarzenegger, whom I love so much, since I saw the film again, it’s really a good movie compared to Conan the Destroyer, and Conan the Barbarian (2011) with Jason Momoa, , yet I saw them all and loved them, but however Conan the Barbarian (1981) for me is the best …

Now I was wondering in the game: Conan Exiles, from which artwork the character of Conan is drawn, if anyone knows?
( Dans Conan Exiles d’après quelle œuvre le personnage de Conan a t-il été créé ? )

Books ?

Looks to be The Savage Sword of Conan the Barbarian. But many people can say it comes from others. Check it out and let me know what you think.

The Sword of Conan, is a Atlantean Sword, exactly the same in the movie : Conan the Barbarian

so of the movie?
or directly from Robert E Howard’s stories…?

The in-game Conan is a bit of a letdown, honestly. He’s too short, and suffers from not having a unique model. But as he barely plays any role in the game anyway, it’s not such a huge deal. You don’t play as Conan, or even with Conan - just in the world of Conan, really. Though he does exist in-game.

As for movie fanservice, there is a DLC called “Riddle of Steel” which has some of the helmets from the 1982 movie, and a couple of placeables, as well as some statues that look like the actors from that movie (they’re a pretty good resemblance really). Then there’s the Atlantean Sword, which is unfortunately quite hard to get these days: you have to track down an unopened physical day-one Edition of the game. Doable, but can be a hassle depending on location.

The facial scars are very much Frank Frazetta inspired for his artwork for the novel covers. Would say a lot of the work done in Dark Horse’s Conan comic aeries as well inspired the imaging of the Cimmerian.

In the original Robert E. Howard stories, Conan was often wearing more than just a fur loincloth. In fact, more often than not he was wearing armor. The bare-chested image seems like it came with the comics, which then inspired the Arnold movie.

But of course, when one has the body of Arnold, of course one wants to show it off and not cover it in mail.

True that. Though even in the Arnie movie, Conan wears armor when he can get it.

He would hae been pwned in pvp :slight_smile: He also prefered a nice sword. So no spear meta for him :slight_smile:

He had a very skilled player, of course, and his opponents underestimated him because he didn’t go for the light armor + spear + dodge roll combo. Also, most of his opponents were noobs who used swords, too. Red Viper would’ve kicked his butt.

It would also seem that Conan’s player was using mods or exploits, because pretty clearly he had all stats 50 from the beginning. Shame on him.

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