The Council of Truth and Legacy Clans

Source: Original post written by ARK Feynrose for The Fourth Wall on the old AO forums.


Speaker: Ms. Kisra Delus
Clerk: Aleksei “Zagadka” Garcia
Head of Security: Hannah “Kittiefixie” Katsulas
Representative to the ICC: Fya “Hilfy” Hill
NLCC envoy: Miss “Leileena” Chan


Eco Warriors

The Eco Warriors are an activist clan who oppose the exploitation of the planet. In the past, under their old leader Eco Red, the Eco Warriors were militant, outspoken and sometimes violent in their opposition to the corporation, or indeed anyone who stood against their goal of depopulation. However, all that changed when they met Kisra Delus. Delus was unheard of before she walked out of the Shadowlands portal and became a close ally to a number of legacy clans, in particular Gaia. A few years later, after a 17-hour meeting with Kisra Delus, Red walked out of the building and away from the leadership. Soon after Delus was elected the new leader of the Eco Warriors. Under her they changed direction to focus more on peace and saw their numbers surge after Delus somehow convinced Gaia to disband.

Representative: Kisra Delus - a quiet, gentle leader whose surprising persuasiveness changed the fate of at least two legacy clans.

The Knights of Avalon

The enigmatic Lord Galahad modelled his clan on ancient orders of chivalry and near-forgotten legends. The Knights are idealistic and courageous, founded on principles such as honour and justice. Despite not being taken seriously by many, the Knights have a powerful and substantial presence on Rubi-Ka commanded from a round table inside their fortress in Avalon - Camelot Castle. Galahad himself is rarely seen and the mystery surrounding him spurs rumours that speculate on strange technology hidden in Camelot’s dungeons as well as Shadowlands sanctuaries and The Knights’ relationship with the Redeemed. Omni-Tek tends to dismiss the Knights as more ridiculous than threatening… but then why do they maintain an Omni-AF base in Avalon?

Representative: Sir Tristram Solis - a confident and charming knight as comfortable on the battlefield as he is on the ballroom dance floor.

New Dawn

Passionate open letters from New Dawn leader Ruth Montezuma were once a familiar sight. Ruth’s New Dawn was the most liberal and open clan, perusing a diplomatic resolution to the conflict. Despite enjoying good relations with a number of Omni execs, Ruth’s persuasive criticism of OT was a thorn in their side. After the Council was disbanded Ruth went into hiding, leaving her good friend Xaevier Humbold to represent New Dawn. Humbold was later assassinated while attempting to warn CEO Tarkhan Zora of a plot against him. When Zora was killed, New Dawn was blamed and its members deported from Rubi-Ka. Montezuma, posing as Omni-Pol officer Aneta Riahan, helped to uncover the conspiracy and bring down the new OT administration. New Dawn was eventually acquitted, though many chose to stay on their new planet.

Representative: None - Officially New Dawn is still considered a legacy clan, though how many remain on Rubi-Ka or consider themselves clan members is unknown.


You may have heard stories about the Pilgrims that come to aid of stranded travellers in the wilds of Rubi-Ka. Expert survivalists and deeply spiritual seekers of knowledge, the Pilgrims are probably the smallest and easily the most mysterious of the legacy clans. Not much is known about the Pilgrims’ beliefs and goals, save that they appear to be led by a council of elders and seem to revere David Marlin. In 29480 First Elder Kreista Tobarl made the decision to leave the terraformed zones along with their seat on the Council and the clan was not heard from again until 29491 when an Elder Muriz appeared at a Council session with a warning about an ancient enemy, and requested to take the Pilgrims’ old seat.

Representative: Elder Muriz - an intense and stoic survivalist hardened by life in the Outzones.


The most militant and agressive clan in the conflict with Omni-Tek, the Sentinels are a large and fierce military force with strongholds across the North. Under Supreme Commander Silverstone the clan took control of Tir, ousting the ICC peacekeepers that had established a presence there. Fifteen years later, the Sentinels still control the city. They have few allies, as most of the clanners either love or hate them, and those that love them usually just join up with them. And unless you’re a clan member and pro-war, the Sentinels probably hate you too. Until recently, even neutrals were banned from Tir. In fact, some Sentinels still conveniently forget they’re not meant to shoot neutrals on sight. You can recognise Sentinel higher-ups by the goat skull-themed headwear they favour.

Representative: Supreme Commander Simon Silverstone - a strong, powerful and more than a little cocky military leader.

Terra Firma

It’s often said that Terra Firma is more akin to a political party than a military organisation. Founded and led by a former Omni-Tek bureaucrat, Terra Firma peruses a better future for all of Rubi-Ka through political processes rather than focusing on the conflict. With their reasonable and realistic goals that centre around improving living conditions for citizens, the clan enjoys wide support from Clanners, Neutrals and even many Omnis - who much prefer Terra Firma over the more extremist clans. While Terra Firma sees the Council as an example of the effectiveness of democracy, their attendance has dropped recently. And although the clan was highly supportive of the recent speaker elections, they chose to not take part.

Representative: Hayden Okoli - a brilliant politician who has won every leadership election since the founding of Terra Firma.


A clan largely made up of current or former miners, the Unionists aim to represent the workers of Rubi-Ka. As you might expect, the Unionists have no love for Omni-Tek and will not be happy until all corporate affiliates are removed from Rubi-Ka. In 29480 the Unionists seized much of 4 Holes from Omni-Tek, putting them perpetually on the front lines, and later, with help from their allies, the clan successfully repelled a large Omni incursion in what came to be known as the Clable Bridge Battle of 29484. The Unionists were never enthusiastic about the Council, though until recently their leader dutifully attended. Now, Aideen Landau has withdrawn somewhat from public, prompting questions about his health and the internal politics of his clan.

Representative: Aideen Landau - an elderly Atrox with an impressive intellect and a slow, deliberate way of speaking.

Affiliates: RMR Ltd (aka Ros’s Mech Repairs Ltd)

The Vanguards

It’s fair to say the Vanguards are more company than clan. In fact, there’s a saying among the clans: “If you’ve got an honest business idea, the Vanguards are already doing it. If you haven’t, they’re doing that too, just quieter.” Founded by businessman Alan Jacobi, the Vanguards grew into a formidable guild. In 29478 the clan moved into Old Athen where they deployed guards and pledged to put a share of their profits into rebuilding the city. This move made them highly popular with the residents and a few years later they expanded their territory to West Athen, supposedly at the request of local businesses. Though undecided on the conflict, they will come to the aid of their allies. After all, united clans are better for everyone… specifically the Vanguards.

Representative: Alan Jacobi - a shrewd and witty opifex with a penchant for fine cigars despite his humble origins.