The Dregs Dungeon Acid Pool makes your body/loot disappear

Game mode: Online
Problem: [Bug] as described above
Region: EU

Me and a friend were doing The Dregs for the very first time without any guides etc and killed the Abyssal Remnant. After we killed him we were thinking about how to harvest him with (what tool etc) and the pool filled back with acid while we stood on it and we didnt have the time to get out cos we were semi-afk. Our death marker remains in the acid pool but the body/loot is not there. We lost a couple legendary weapons and a full inventory of resources/hardened steel tools etc

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Complete the Dregs Dungeon
  2. Die in the Acid Pool where the boss is
  3. Try to get ur loot back after
  4. Cry when u realize it’s not there despite the marker

We’ve tried to log out and log back in, this actually made the death markers disappear. We also tried to leave the dungeon and do it from the start. We’ve killed the boss several times to try to look for the body but it just completely vanished.

Just tested this more extensively, even if you die around the pool where u’ll do the running to get him to jump out, ur body can disappear completely. We left 2 bodies behind around the circle and the first body had disappeared when we got back there. Definitely something shady going on


I had a similar experience. Killed the beast, was investigating the well(?), found the book with the armour recipe but didn’t get out soon enough and was killed by the acid. So I guess I wasn’t too surprised that my body disappeared, assuming it was as a result of being immersed in acid.

So…bug or feature? :wink:

I’ve only attempted this dungeon, died twice and no body each time, lost everything. At the time I assumed that this was because it was a dungeon rather than in the open world.

I died in the ring around the remnant last night and was able to recover my body. PS4 pvp official server. That sucks you lost legendary gear in the pool…

It’s definitely not an intended feature to not be able to recover your loot

It’s a bit random if you can get your loot back if you die around the ring or the acid pool. I tested it by dying 3 times on it, was only able to recover my body once. I think the whole room as a whole is glitchy.