Dungeon Death in single player


Okay, so I recently have been building up a pretty strong character, fighting my way through the Darfari camp before the Dregs, killing everyone figuring out how to get in. having fun with the puzzles inside and killing the final boss and butchering it.

then comes the stupid part. i go into the empty acid pool thing and read the journal and then get a call. I come back to the computer and I am already at my bedroll naked. Somehow I “Killed” myself (I am assuming the damn acid pit refills randomly). and so I figure, okay, bum-rush through Darfari camo to get back to the entrance of the Dregs as shown on my map, get my corpse and get my stuff.

but I can’t find my corpse dispite the map marker.

This was my first dungeon level, so does my corspe spawn in the actual dungeon? or does it spawn outside? please let me know how this is supposed to work. I am keeping my game open now as not to lose everything.

if I have to return all the way to the end of the dungeon just for my stuff is it even worth it? or should I jsut call it even remake all my stuff, do the mission later and not stand in the stupid pool with the journal again?

or is the corpse not showing up a bug?

any advice?

Yeah, sorry to say, but it’s the acid pool refilling. You must’ve got really unlucky on the timing of that call, because it refills pretty soon after it empties - there’s basically enough time to read the book and harvest the boss corpse (anything works, but I’d recommend cleaver (or hatchet)) and that’s about it.

Bad news is your corpse will be where you ‘left’ it. (If you move the map about and check off either the bottom of the map or off the left side (I forget which), your death marker may actually show up (the ‘physical’ locations of a lot of the dungeons are actually just outside the borders of the map).)

As for going back or just re-making stuff, I’d say that’s up to you - it all depends if there’s anything there that you really care about getting back. Nothing wrong with either choice that I can see. (Though, if I was to offer a hint, I would say that it’s worth going back at some point sooner rather than later - there’s some things that you might want. But I won’t say more (unless you ask) because, as you said, it’s fun figuring these things out :slight_smile: )

so rule of thumb:
die in the dungeon, corpse will stay in dungeon, you respawn on overworld map? must re-enter and beat dungeon to get corpse?

Pretty sure that’s how it works with that one (it’s a very old dungeon afaik). Normally if you die in a dungeon, when it gives you the option to respawn on bedroll or desert it also adds the option of dungeon - though you will generally end up naked at the start of the dungeon having to run through to your corpse, which is not always the best solution… In theory, it is possible to run naked through most of the dungeons avoiding everything in order to get back to your body, but it’s not something I’d like to try if I can avoid it :wink: (There is at least one where it’s definitely not possible to get back to your body (if you die after a certain point) without redoing everything because of the structure of the puzzle, but most should be possible.)

As for redoing dungeons - yeah, there’s a certain amount of that - you’ll find some that you want to farm for specific items or resources (though none of them actually required for playing the game - just maybe things that you want on a given playthrough).

well I guess redoing it is what I need to do as without my gear its hard to kill an NPC and open the sewer again. I guess I could have respawned inside but i was away from the computer during the call. Stupid self refilling acid pit.

Yeah, that’s a good point - the 5 second timer (or however long it is) would’ve picked something automatically, so even if you can respawn inside the Dregs it wouldn’t have picked it for you.

Probably Flanders :wink:

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welp, I re-built everything, murdered everyone, kicked ■■■, murdered and butchered the slug-thing, got the staff. debating what to do with the harvested body parts.

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Okay, so I beat that temple and I am at a level where if I want new gear i need new material, I feel I need to make a new base somewhere… were should I travel next?

to the East in the swampy area? or the north and try to get in the foresty area? what do you recommend?

All depends on whether you’ve examined the staff that you found and acted upon what you found out. Because that should tell you where you need to go next.
After that I’d go and explore the east, it’s a good place for leveling up and getting some decent armour.

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corpse in the dungeon !! wont get it back!!

@zwkdiv has it right IMO - both things, probably that order (though you could go the other way round if you wanted). Be aware if building in either east or north - when it rains it will rain indoors - if that doesn’t bother you, you’re golden (but it drives me nuts :wink: )

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