The Eclipsed 18+ RP Community US WST RP/PVP

We have been thrust from our homes. We have been put on the cross. We are the innocents, the guilty, the deranged and the degenerates.

To those who put us here…

But if you ask us, I say we are freed!

We have been shunned because we are different.

We have been outcast because we chose to survive on our terms.

We have transcended who we were to become something else. Something better….

Something dangerous….

We have become Exiles.​

The Eclipsed (18+RP Community) is a newly established Adult RP-PVP Server Community within the Conan Exiles game that is dedicated to quality roleplay immersion in all of its aspects. We are looking for others to join us in building a strong, tight-knit community who enjoy playing with each other on an out of character level even when we might be murdering each other in character. We believe in fostering the atmosphere of the Conan universe in every way possible which includes everything from drama, tragedy, violence, romance and, yes, even comedy.

We have modded our server for the purpose of enhancing the roleplay experience with such mods as: , Emberlight, AOC, RP Aesthetics, Thrall Wars Dungeon Mod, Roleplay, Fashionist, and others.

If this piques your interest then click on the link below and join us on discord. Go have a look at our server rules. If you find these are suitable for you, then feel free to join us in the game! If you have any questions, we have a friendly and active administration team ready and willing to answer them! We’ll see you there, Exile.

Discord at : e9p2QkD