The Filth Operations

It was just another day walking in the SW Digital portal ,
We all remember that day
They were about to connect the portal with acess to another dimension
Were always happy on new Dimension we get a bit more connection upgrades
More ease of life workarounds to our Portal UI’s things like that
Tough this one was diffrent
We got acess to a new zone
Yea this happens every once and a while
But this time the Zone was corruptted with what they call the Filth
We all knew what that means
Weve heared about other realms that during their Portal extentions they’ve reached the Filth by accident
And its always the same story
Wether they can handle it or not
Wether they already handled it or not
They always Show up and mess everything up
And we knew it was gonna hit our realm aswell once the filth showed up
It dident take long for them to bring their Digital fleets
the USA what is considered the biggest Digital fleets on many realms
They showed up
and as they say
Bit started hitting the gans
nah seriously tough ,
i know you all are not furries or what ever you wanna call it
is it my fault i dident listen in in cinema classes ?
should i have listened in in cinema classes ?
boop boop bip shau sey suu ker ae ?
aee seuu ve vu ve vi
Do Du De Da Di Dhu Ru Re Ra Reu Rhu Rel Mi Mu Me Ma Mo Fa Fe Fu Fhu Fi Fn So Su Se Sa Si Sz Sch La Le Lu Li Lah Lz Ls Ci Ca Cu Co Ch Cz Cl Cp Bo ?
Your al Busy going from A to G That You Forget , That theres amm 24 Letters in between
You tend to tune in (to talk trough the screen ) and you drop out (well yea look at all the work for these nice websites pictures themes randomly generated people with random picture for random responses to boost prices like were on a Free Lancer ! Free Lancer ! Free Lancer ! Free Lancer !
Yo what did Lancer do ? is he in jail ?
Free Lancer
Free Lancer
on a Free Lancer website yo cut the leaks here trying to talk straight