The Fractured Citadel has Invisible Obstructions

Single Player
Isle of Siptah
The Fractured Citadel map marker

TeleportPlayer -166908.546875 307324.34375 -10122.447266

Inside a building at the southen end of The Fractured Citadel, on the second story, under a domed roof, is a room with one entrance and 4 chests inside. You can freely walk inside, but walking back out you bump into an invisible wall that you have to jump over to get out. Additionally, there are invisible walls blocking access to the 4 chests that have been placed in the room as well.


Hey @GodisGood

We received a similar report about this problem, so we’ve added your screenshots and coordinates to the original file so our team has an easier time addressing this location.

Thanks a lot again for all the feedback sent and for taking some time to play around with the Testlive build :slight_smile:

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