The funcome policy sucks!

Two Cheater clans came to the server, They run on speedhack and open closed vaults and funcom doing nothing:) One of our clan members wrote in global chat what cheats they use so everyone can prepare and what was the reaction of funcom? they perma banned our entire clan for advertising cheats… :slight_smile: and the Chinese cheaters continue to run around the server and destroy everything but funcom thinks It’s best to give the perma ban to an honest player and leave the Chinese on speedhack alone to do as they want.As you can see Chinese cheaters on the server, throw everything on the ground and do nothing because funcome will give you a perma ban:)
Dont close this Topic let ppl read i cant Zendesk bcs you dont write back


Zendesk is useless anyway.

I sent in a ban appeal for my account and this is the reply I got.

"’Im sorry to hear that you were recently suspended or banned from play on official Conan Exiles servers. When trying to access any of the official servers, the reason and duration of the suspension or ban should be displayed promptly for your review.

Please note that the reasoning and duration of suspension/ban might be displayed only after a server restart.

If you are still unable to see this message in game, please feel free to reply to this mail to let us know. We will be happy to assist you further as needed.

Have a nice day!"

Oh gee thanks but I already know why I was banned hence why I’m sending a ban appeal. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


We pay for this game and dlc and they can’t even treat us like people.

Hello @empiros ,

here in the Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures stand it clear how it works to report cheaters.

so Forum Threads don´t help to make it faster.