The game krill my thralls

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.i try put de npc to falow me to transportate them to another base, but wen we arrived they The thrall enter inside de flor and dies and alredy hapen that 2 times and in one my thrall was using The silent legion and they both vanishing

Why don’t you pick your thrall up rather then make him follow ?then place them where you like , unless I’m mistaken I’m still relatively new to the game . Hold x and the option should be there :wink:

I have had 5 different thralls die (all loaded with materials) when moving bases from the “noob area” to a cliff base North of Swagger Rock. When moving thralls or having thralls following up stairs – they died mysteriously. Broken thralls showed up in my System Log as destroyed by " ". That is destroyed by nothing. Perhaps they were finally destroyed emotionally by the feeling of fruitlessness and the futility of all human effort, or perhaps they just really hated stairs. Ultimately, I did manage to get three thralls up into my base by doing the following things:

  1. (I had each thrall follow me the entire time from old base to new base) When making the final approach into your base, look at the thrall, hold the X button, and choose stop following from the radial menu.
  2. Hold X again and choose to move the thrall. Move them a little ways up to your base before setting them down into a position. Position is recommended to be such that they don’t look like they are half-sunken into a floor.
  3. Keep doing the Hold X and gradual move process until they are very close to where you want them.
  4. Hold X again. Choose Follow.
  5. Hold X again Choose Stop Following.
  6. Hold X for the final time and move them into their final position.
  7. Success!

The new problem with thralls now in the new base? Every thrall that I try to drag up the stairs to the base dies or disappears mysteriously.

I am on official server 2582. Steps to recreate the issue were to simply be a thrall and try to go up the stairs to my new base. Stairs: Guaranteed death sentence. Now if I could only get the boss monsters to walk up those stairs, then I would really be raking in those carves…

Okay… as I predicted, the fix for unconscious NPC disappearing/dying while being dragged back to base is as silly as I would have guessed – keep the camera on the NPC you are dragging. That’s it. I drug the NPC all the way from The Summoning Place past Swagger Rock and up cliff stairs to my base without issues as long as you can see them on your screen the entire time.

I’ve noticed something similar- I have never seen an NPC corpse become invisible, it always happens off camera. If I can somehow keep the corpses on camera, they don’t become invisible.

I have more information to add on dying/disappearing thralls while dragging them unconsciously. If you need to drag them long distances or around/up terrain with drastic slopes, changes, or stairs, then you must adhere to the following principles:

  1. The thrall must be bound soon after rendering them unconscious. They should not be left to sit too long (i.e. over an in-game day), and you must not travel far away from the unconscious thrall only to return later. Also, the thrall must not be unbound and rebound. You must drag them to wherever in a single go. The reason for this is that the game seems to be more “forgiving” with glitching them out of existence when they are still in “rag doll mode” and flopping around when you drag them. If the thrall ceases to flop, then you are likely to lose them at any time in weird terrain.
  2. When dragging (and they still flop around when dragged), you must keep the thrall on the screen somewhere. You can look away, but for no longer than a few seconds. If you look away (and the thrall is off-screen), then YOU MUST NOT MOVE. You can click open doors and use inventory items, but character movement is forbidden, lest you wish to de-exist your thrall.