The Gloom of Siptah

I like everything about siptah. Except that huge tentacle. It should leave island after summoning last wild surge.


My base is in the NW of the island.

So I played for a couple hours tonite. The wild surges are definitely broken way more than normal. Every single one on the west side of the map had a blue marker but no surge. The storm came so I went and farmed ??? the whole time in the storm. Came away with 60 of the x2 ??? so 120.

But here is where it gets interesting. I went back to my base. The blue cloud forms and starts doing it’s thing. But then it disappears and I have a glorious clear blue sky over the mountains and the tower. I wonder if they changed this or it’s a bug?

I love the dark. I spend some little time at the daylight, and what really gets me going is the dark and the “lack of light mass”, which makes torches and specially witchfire so nice looling. The contrast of the better reflection and glare of the light in the darkness really takes it to the atmosphere painted by the Conan comics.

Wish the forest in the exiled lands were that way, not just dark, but very contrastant with even the smallest light source.

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