Why I HATE Siptah

The lighting outside is horrible, shadows are way too dark. But in vaults it just gets stupid. I’ve been running around the goblin vault looking for the recipe for the devolved horn…which means looking for a dark horn on a dark, very cluttered, floor in an extremely poorly lit dungeon. Even with my glow stick, I can’t find this stupid thing. Why on earth would Funcom make this so stupidly difficult to find a decor recipe?!

I don’t like to be negative, and prefer not to whine (though I’m guilty of it from time to time), but this just really gets on my nerves.


Here’s a pic I found on a website to help find a recipe (This one is Fiends).
Seriously, no dungeon on EL is this stupidly dark. Not even Wine Cellar, which is by far the darkest one on EL.

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I haven’t played Siptah so I don’t know if this is related :slight_smile:
However I noticed a bug on EL which I’m pretty sure applies to the game in general… in that the time of day matters… when it shouldn’t.
So if you go into a dungeon while it’s still slightly dark outside and not midday… the dungeon will be much much darker inside…
Annoyed the hell out of me in warmakers :smiley: So maybe you’re experiencing that on top of it already being dark.


Lighting has always been an issue since launch of Siptah. It’s like they cranked the settings, everything is so much more bright when it is bright but dark where there are shadows or night time. It doesn’t matter how much you tweak settings in or out of game. They’ve never seemed to be able to get it right.


I am more annoyed with the heavy fogs in exiled lands, especially in the dschungel.

Go into settings and lighten your game
It worked for me. Perhaps it will work for you

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When Siptah came out its lighting was much better. There was a patch with big lighting changes for both EL and Siptah. That patch generally improved EL (jungle is still mind-boggling glaring trash) and wrecked Siptah. It’s clear that with so many different screens and different preferences the game needs to offer a lot more client-side configurability for lighting because the one-size-fits-all solution has had a lot of people pissed off since day 1.


well, if you’re on PC then unreal offers a lot of settings to tweak, just not all of them available through the CE settings.
Can take a look at this for example:


As @nitecat mentioned tweak your gamma settings easy to do and helps a lot have done it in more than one game. @Wolfkyn

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The Exiled Lands Jungle at deep dusk and High Noon on Siptah are equivalently lighted, unless you are on the beach.

When Siptah launched, it was much better lit, then people complained and complained and complained and they changed it and, very shortly after, I stopped playing on Siptah.

One option is to adjust your in game gamma to max. Just remember to adjust it back to “2” for Exiled Lands.

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It was day light when I went in. I’ve run plenty of dungeons and never noticed this issue. But I play SP and have my night sped up a lot, so good chance I wouldn’t notice it.

I’ve never built in the jungle, but I’ve been there quite a bit for recipes and dungeons. Doesn’t seem nearly as bad to me,

I did eventually turn my gamma all the way up. It helped a lot, but I just don’t think that should be necessary.

I have to say I don’t have near as much issue with the EL jungle as I do Siptah (except the beach at times when it is glaring, but that isn’t all the time). Siptah seems way worse in general than EL jungle to me.


Can you not just fiddle with your tv settings to fix the shadows and highlights?

for those who hate the cataract disease simulator in Conan exile add this line to Engine.ini

\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor → Engine.ini


And BTW game designer u add blur and fog u simulate aye disease not the real atmosphere no one see blur in far end and no one see fog all the time FIY u shod play other games to realize what u have done with this game all efects in this game simulate eye disease
Fog - cataract disease
Blur - Myopia, or nearsightedness
Medium HP effect - Conjunctivitis
Shadows and highlights - ( Sudden appearance of a shadow or a grey/dark area in the vision, usually starting from the peripheral (side, top or bottom of) vision, may indicate a retinal detachment and urgent attention should be sought.)

With other words this game provide a huge Eye Discomfort for allot of users

BTW when the game got out it was clear no fog no blur


I ask why, because I like it tbh

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To me, it seems like the shadows are way too dark. I loved the idea of the Redwood forest, but trying to build there was just so dark even during the day without the maelstrom, I couldn’t enjoy it.

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Ahh the red wood is pretty dark yeah, but that’s what I like about it :stuck_out_tongue:
Only the rain is missing

Look for the E. Whenever you are close to a clicky- E pops up

LOL! i like it this dark- rewards those who actually search the dungeon thoroughly

I don’t mind searching thoroughly, but when I have to go over every room 3 times to try finding one piece of dark clutter among other pieces of dark clutter, it just gets annoying.

Keeping them as they are, but in a better lit dungeon, would still require thorough searching, but would be much more tolerable.

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Sorry this is all complete rubbish, look up atmospheric scattering, even away from cities and suburbia, atmospheric scattering is a real quantifiable thing.

Most adults these days do not have 20/20 vision, not in modern societies anyway.

But that is beside the point, game and rendering engines do not try and simulate the eye, they simulate lenses, all types and manner of lenses with all there deficiencies and attributes. Why? because we are looking at a 3d world projected onto a window/viewport, i.e. your monitor.

We have all grown up watching television, youtube, whatever on 2d screens, the majority of content which was captured with real lenses. Do you see the connection now?

Now if you’re willing to argue whether Conan’s engine does a reasonable job of simulating atmospheric scattering, lighting, weather conditions and lenses in general, now that is a discussion worth having.

I’d say it does do a reasonable job atleast on EL. Much as I hate the glare on jungle beaches, it makes sense. I know I’ve come out of swimming in a lake and had that same kind of glare.

And even though I started this thread complaining about the dark vaults, darkness in underground areas is obvious (but the combination of the dark and the hard-to-find recipes is too much for my nerves).