The Hyborian Age Chronicles

Discord: MEGBuWRYwq

Welcome to The Hyborian Age Chronicles (THAC)

We are a 18+ PvE-C server for Conan Exiles on the Playstation Platform.

This server is geared towards actual game play and not being a high boosted server to level up in 10 mins. There are no starter packs from the admins, no welcome center or admin store (for now). Everything you obtain will be from within the game by your efforts. Trade amongst other players is encouraged! Both maps will be utilized by means of the new character transfer feature of the game. If you need some Eldirium, head over to Siptah, get what you need and go back to Exlie Land. Want to play only on one maps, no problem! If this has you curious and want to find out more, please come inside!

Please join discord for more info and server password.

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I have some questions here please.
1st will it be totally vanilla?
2nd pvec allows spawn kills in obelisks and dungeons, will it be allowed?
The only reason I don’t play pvec or pvp official is spawn kills.
The greatest reason I cannot stay long in private servers is the parameters. I love vanilla parameters, they balance the game perfectly and give value to every single thing.

Ps. I don’t know the lore of the game, but I would love to RP, other than that my Bella is Always a Hyborian beauty and my clan always Farm&Build, always.