The Isle of Siptah: What a beautiful experience - Can't wait for more content

Hail Slayers 0/

As an Exile playing since 2018. I am so in love with The Isle of Siptah!

My Exiled lands experience came to an end earlier this year because I had done EVERYTHING there was to do on vanilla. The Exiled lands had become stale for me.

Luckily, The Isle of Siptah arrived and it was time to dust of my trusty stick of employment and go pillaging again!
I have been no-lifing Siptah for the past 2 weeks. Odin’s keep is built and Tier 3. The Delving bench built and I’m rocking a star metal sword of Corrosion and Executioners axe build.

I cannot wait for that looming dark tower to open its stoic gates! What secrets has Siptah hidden here?

Anxiously awaiting more content from the game. I’ve done the vaults and can survive the Maelstrom. I do the Judge run daily for that elusive Black Knight recipe.

I am however finding it a little difficult to keep putting so much time into it.

Do any of you know of recipe grinds similar to the Judge or the Jhil on the roof (the forgotten one? Can’t remember).

Secondly, Rock Slide loot drop is very disappointing. We came together as 5 players with thralls to kill the hulking behemoth. Finally, after multiple deaths and many lost thralls we defeated the giant.
Our lofty reward? A skeleton key… Oh man… the disappointment.

Overall, I love the new map. I love the challenge. I am hungry for more content.

What has been your experiences? Are there secrets you have discovered?


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