The Kinscourge not spawning

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I’m playing on official server 3215 and The Kinscourge boss will not spawn. Some say it’s because a clan built structures under the map and it blocks the spawn. Some gear is reliant on his drops. Can an official admin help clear all undermap structures from this server? That would be awesome, thanks.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go into the dungeon.
  2. Boss is not there.
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Funcom is working on patches updates. To remove undermeshing no release date. If you have proof that is being done. Needs to be reported. Properly read list of rules where you first login to forum it’s in there @izakis

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Hacks and Exploits.

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Tyvm, reported it, hopefully will get sorted.

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Let’s hope so. I feel that more cheaters are getting some sort of punishment than we are aware of.

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They put out a patch for PC today for Barrow king and a few other locations no mention of kinscourge they did mention more to come.

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