Double Kinscourge

Game mode: Single-Player
Type of issue: Bug

I made my way into the Black Keep and got to the Kinscourge, only to find 2 Kinscourges there and get rekt.

I restarted my game and made my way to the chamber again and this time only found one Kinscourge as intended.

I’m alright with multiplying enemies for the most part, but when it gets to having to face 2 level 3 bosses alone it gets a little bit too much x3

Once more I have no idea what causes this, enemies multiply a lot, but I am not sure what causes it.

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I get this on ps4 to, it was one hell of a fight. it’ll be one of my “hold onto” screen caps for awhille.

Suprised more bosses don’t do this glitch.

Ya it’s a single player bug. A temporary fix is to log in and out of your game and it should reset the spawn locations to their normal amount.

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