The List of Dismantling Error Reports

This is for building pieces that are dismantled, but something goes wrong in the process. The dismantling sound effect is played, but instead of collapsing, they stay static for a few seconds before disappearing. So I went through the admin panel and spawned in every roof, ceiling, foundation, wall, etc. to see what works and what doesn’t. A lot of the base game items are fine, except for a few exceptions.

Base Game:

Left-Sloping Inverted Sandstone Wall
Diagonal and Vertical Support Beams (the ones in the Carpenter’s Bench)

The DLCs were the bulk of the issue:

Khitan, Aquilonian, Yamatai, Turan, Frontier, and Arena Pillars don’t automatically disappear.

And there’s more:

Aquilonian Sloped Roof, Wall Cap, Stairs Corner, and Fence.
Yamatai Wall, Hatch Frame, Crenelated Wall, Fence, and Wall Cap.
Turan Rooftop, Rooftop Cap, Rooftop End, and Rooftop Intersection.
Arena Wall and Stairs Corner.

Hope this helps! @Hugo

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Hey there @Trappist01x, thank you for taking the time to test this and for the thorough report, we’ll be sure to relay this information to the team!

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