"The Lone Wanderer" - rare worldboss?

Been playing a lot and for the first time last week I ran into a worldboss who molested me, my pet and my horse. It was outside the vault Sanctuary of the Snakemen in M10.

The boss was named The Lone Wanderer. It was kind of a humanoid demon with a two handed hammer/mace. Even though I got the aggro and blocked with a shield, my Scorpion Queen got more and more hurt. As if the hammer had area damage.

Tried to run back, brought another pet. Molested me again. Gave up.
The good thing is, that beside the all other worldbosses there is boss who actually hit like a tank.
As of now, the only thing which is any hard is the Rockslides and the Rotbranch to kill.
So like the idea of bosses who are very hard to kill.

But I never seen it more than once.
And I’ve been playing Siptah a fricking lot.

Anyone else who have met this worldboss?


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yes , he is from the exiles land originaly ( if you climb around in the Unamed City you’ll find him there too )

he has a fix spawn on the west part of the island ( seperated by rivers ) south of the serpentman vault , the one that is border to the sea . he does hit like a truck with his 2h hammer . my guess is someone kited him where you saw him , hence why you can’t seem to find him there .

anyway if you manage to get in front of him again I would suggest to be like anakin facing obi wan and use lowground against him ( his hammer will go over your head and you will be able to mitigate a lot more of his damage with a shield )

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Thanks for the input.
I’ve been playing Exiled Lands for 1.3K hours. Never seen this boss in the Unnamed City.
And have farmed the Unnamed a lot for worldboss drops.

Besides the Lone Wanderer was spawned in the east on the Island not west.
But I think you meant east, and not west.
If so, I’ve taken the boss you mention. He has one skull, carries a hammer and hit like a truck.
And thats a skeleton. Not a humanoid demon.
And yes, again, they are from the Unnamed City, or its several exactly alike there. :slight_smile:

But you see, I’m not talking about that boss. I’m talking about the one that I’ve never seen before or after. And he spawned right outside the serpent vault, north.
That boss hit like a tank, not a truck…hehe.


mhm , are you playing on a modded server ? I thought you were speaking of the 3 skull skeleton boss with a 2h hammer this one . if you don’t have any mods could it have been a siege boss this far out of the storm ?

Nope, its not that one. Its three of them in the Unnamed City.
There they got three skulls.

On Siptah they are the same, but have one skull. But I think they have almost the same in HP.
Because its take its time to get them down. On Siptah there is 7 of those skeletons scattered around.
Not counting the skeletons which shines like a goldcoin.

I’ve have aprox 250-300 hours in Siptah.
Quarantime and Covid gaming will get you there…hehe

But as I said, still seen this monster just one time.
And its called The Lone Wanderer. It have kind of a to small horns/bumps in front of the head. It has the same color as the dark skeletons, but have skin and carries a starmetal hammer.

Perhaps its kind of an ultrare boss who just pops up here and there on the Island and its have a very low percent chance to do just that. And, you have to find it as well, to make it worse.

Would love to have another go at it…


By the way; no mods, PVE and on my brothers server where we know all the players.

Hey there,

The Lone Wanderer currently does not have a wiki page. We’re working on updating item and thrall pages to Update 2.1. Other pages will follow eventually. You can join us in the wiki channel on the fan-made Conan Exiles Discord if you would like to help contributing.

The wiki is community-maintained, meaning contributors help voluntarily. We appreciate any contributions :slight_smile:


The game needs more stuff like this. Would be great if they actually roamed the map. The less theme park the game is the better.

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The beast that mollested u looked like the one i screened there?

Need to know if its bug or no because the n- worded guy slaughtered half of my followers… and almost maked me to move on, and we killed it just on luck because that beast got stucked in pen…

You aren’t crazy, I’ve seen him too. Pretty sure I’m the only one on my server that has. He spawned near the bridge at Spitah’s Ascension on the East side of the island for me. I was the only one online and it was not long after a maelstrom ended. I nearly had it down before it killed me and it disappeared just as I got back to the spot. Luckily it happened while I was recording video https://www.twitch.tv/videos/783406212 .


Yes sir, thats the bully! hehe…


So you killed it as well.
Did it have som special loot and/or something else sepcial?


To kill one that attacked my base well i needed 3 cats on level 20 that die and 2 1 level warriors… But al died, then other player come to help me so we killed it by 2 + 3 more of my fighters because he bugged in animal pen,…

But loot was 2 - 3 steelbars + 1 power stone

I’m scared - no one is allowed to kill my cats! :wink:
no, seriously: this opponent sounds very exciting! I haven’t met him yet.

Lets hope he does what his name says and wander, tho it seems like it, - no fixed location as of yet.

Damn, that was’nt very revarding.
At least one should get its head as a bragging trophe, skelton keys, uniqe item with som funny traits.
Hope they haven’t put a RNG on the loot he drops. Funcom should improve the revard significantly. Perhaps a journeystep?.


Somehow found him on spawnlist in singleplayer, basically i killed him 70 times

This is all loot from all 70

Eye Of watcher
Berzerker chakras ( ! )
Diseased spike ( ! )
steel skinning knife and lot of bad stuff :smiley:
with (!) i mean i did not found these anywhere else on map

---- Edit line ----

I am either lucky or verrrrrrrrrrrry unlucky, today at morning while i was vanilla playing on singleplayer in west side by testing out how now economic is ruined a bit, something happened again… Similar beast like this one attacked me from behind, near the demon goat place by the way, this one was without weapons and looked like vampire… But in str and HP he was like this wanderer, basically he looked like albino batman only without wings, like bleached 2 meter tall vampire… also spawned from mid air and not in storm range…

Reading about lone wanderer that he spawns on east side random locations, maybe that vampire do the same only on west side?


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