Some beast just slaughtered 50% of all my thalls ( isle of siptah)

Game mode: Online private /official/ singleplayer
Type of issue: ???
Server type: PVE
Region: Europe

Joined server on with i play ( vanilla) i live near siptah ascension OUT of storm zone sudenly i hear my woman thrall fighters scream and cats roaring (20 Level) i thinked ok wolfs again, they do spawn there and come to attack but my cats and archer fish eye kills them. but now it was too long… i went to look out and i found some Doom eternal imp with weapons in hand slaughtering my cats, all around cat corpses 3 cats 2 thralls, and that t5 woman warrior and trys to slaughter it, but without any luck…

there is screens - i mean WTF no storm no such, but there come 3 skull storm boss and slaughters half of my warriors on level 20… there is purge on siptah or wtf…

also i first time see this guy atleast with weapon and so big …

place wheere he spawned ( i think because he now stays there all the time slaughtering everyone who passes) :

he walks from that place to this place looks like patrouling :

Moment when he went to my home to kill my cats… :

Moment when one of my warrior almost killed him and he started to regain HP and went away :

P.S This happened on private and singleplayer WITHOUT mods… ( vanilla)

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

Dayum, Neo, he seems to be badass, but I’ve never encountered him.

If you can post coords I can look for him on server and solo. Use the ctrl+shift+alt and tap L, copy and paste here if possible.

I suggest you do so close enough to see him, but not within agro range. That may be detrimental to your health :aaaaaa:



Game needs more encounters like this. The island shouldn;t have a completely safe zone. I can understand people not liking this so a server setting would be nice I guess.


I don’t mind odd encounters as long as I can see them, I just don’t like the ones that pop up out of the ground.

Sorry this happened to you Neo

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That enemy model looks like one of the 1-skull mobs that appears in the storm, but if that’s the location I’m thinking of, it should be well outside the storm! :confused:

Thats the stuff, it never ever spawned there and i play only on that place from siptah begining at first day, its like how much time passed and some beast with weapon come and slaughter almost all my warriors and animals ok 2 was low level but he slaughtered 3 on level 20, then i asked other players to come help, so by 3 fighters and 2 players we somehow bleeded him out but even storm bosses did not so much damage like this one… and what is the worst, he was not storm boss, he basically come out from nothing and slaughtered everything and when we killed it it dropped 3 iron bars and 1 power stone…

also info about me he onehit killed me ok i am not on heavy armor, but medium eldarium, and we also killed him just because we was lucky enough that this slaughter machine bugged and got stucked into my animal pen, cuuz, those attacks, he do chain on that weapon he had, and so fast that u cant reach him with normal attacks, because while u channel attack he is already far enough with his chain heavys… slaughtering pets and animals, one good thing of him was that he slaughtered dire wolf that also was near my home thats all…

here is image of map where he maybe spawned ( because i did not see) but i will mark how he patroled … by walking from one point to other and how he slaughtered everything…

everyone says that judge is OP, this one slaughtered everything and spawned in mid air… thats why i think its bug because he was never there before… maybe last game update maked him spawn there…

Here the map of what and how happened

Reposting for u : He was 3 skull boss and like 3 skeletons in height and he has weapon , emm dunno english name but i think it was mace but yes look in map in post where i answered jim1…

This should be either bug or i got unlucky with easter egg… because he never been there before this last game update and also today i spotted him 1 time and yes… he slaughtered everyone on way

Sound like you encountered The Lone Wanderer

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Yikes that’s crazy! Sounds like an amped-up, super-sized version of the guy I was thinking of. :exploding_head:

I also encountered a random 3 skull boss (no name showed and he carried a hammer) after exiting the Vault of Santuary of the Serpentmen located on the East side of the map. This area is definitely outside of the storm area and the storm was not running nor had it just ended. I was the only person on the server at the time and no one else had been on before me. This rules out any boss dragging. This image was the only one I could capture and it is a bit hard to make out what you are looking at. He sprung out of the foundations of the area where you see him now. Only the upper half of his body was present and seemed that the armor was also missing. He was trapped within the structure but was still able to fight us unimpeded. Sadly, after capturing this image, he simply vanished. I really wanted to see if I could beat him and what he dropped. I have not encountered this since. We had three mods running at that time. Pippi, DMT and Better Surges.

what is it

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