The Lying Bastard Sword

Here we go again… The Lying Bastard Sword.

I had in the private server on PS4 some base building and testing for a long time.

In it I had the Lying Bastard with the advanced mod damage…
It deals 70 health Damage
9% armor penetration
And durability of 1,237.5

If I try to recreate now…
It gets 57 armor damage
9% penetration
And 900 durability

I know it got Nerfed… Wich sucks… BIG TIME.
But I have both swords in my inventory…so…the nerf didn’t affect it or I’m using a different mod that I not familiar about?
I have pictures of it but I can’t post because new member stuff… :frowning:

What exactly is your question here ? The old swords will keep their stats forever until they decay . The stats of the new sword are that . End of story .

Well the question is very obvious if you read it, but you already answered it.

Off topic here bud but do you know if the same will apply to the Neiman helmets karmic mechanic? I know that after a certain update (not sure which) the weapon repair whilst taking damage wearing the helmet is gone. Do the existing ones retain that?

@Darkzombie ,Well , i believe that this is something totally different . I remember act of violence after the nerf stoped to do the same damage even if it was the old one . But the stats ,are stats . The lying bastard sword has a really old story here , the very old stats were hilarious and some persons even sayed that it was a piece for sale in the little black markets some genius bast…d’s did . So this sword is very well nerfed and I believe that PvP fights must be competitive , it is not right for someone to be able to one shot nobody . PvP players have weapons to use , venom infused , pve needs some trophie weapons ,Yogs touch , predatory blade . This is more than enough , no more super weapons .

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