The need for a remaster

so is a remaster/remake outside the realm of reality, i know i would really like one. we all know remasters are all the rage these days some more needed than others

also Funcom if you ever see this please okay dreamfall for backwards compatibility for Xbox one


Sadly no funcom employees reply to anyone in these forums. There is no evidence for a remaster and there may never be one as Funcom lost the original high resolution background images that makes up the game. The best you can do is run the game using dgVoodoo which will give you 4 times the resolution on the 3D models. I use dgVoodoo and the game looks great. If you’re going to go that route let me know, ill type up a quick setup procedure.

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thats a shame so i Guess it would have to be done from the ground up then, (maybe tap redthread) what about the dreamfall thing .

Yes, from what I understand they would have re-create the background images. The game itself is not a complex game to code. It’s actually a very simple game to recreate in Unity for example. It’s just 3D models on top of a 2D background. There is no 3D “world” to recreate. Just a bunch of character and prop models and background images. RedThread can’t remaster it without permission from Funcom and Ragner already said they are tired of the Longest Journey and Dreamfall franchise for now. If anything they would not remaster the original game but develop “The Longest Journey Home” and that wont happen for years if at all.

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I totally agree with ppl above. IT has need to be remastered if u still want to keep people.

You still offer those instructions for dgVoodoo?

I played The Longest Journey and Dreamfall years ago, but haven’t played Chapters, so before I play chapters I chose to replay the first 2 games. The graphics is kind of old, so would be nice with an upgrad, if you are still able to help?

Seems like the place to post the question…?

What steps and procedures must I take and do, in order to have my own custom loading screen & Background Image for when I load the game for a private server. I don’t know anything about coding, or programs or utilities. Still I would like for when my server does go live to stand out a bit. To be unique.