The Never Ending "Loading Screen" Story

I have a feeling and i hope im wrong but how can you do a live stream and talk about all this “unbelievable and amazing” content coming and not one mention of an entire game mode that does NOT WORK… granted they did talk about bugs and PS4 but nothing about our PVE-C situation… and for the pass week i can’t even get into my backup server.
So with Funcoms track record I highly doubt this issue is fixed. Again… I HOPE i am WRONG… so with that said, everyone buy siptah if you havent already, also the new dlc on the 21st!!.. and don’t forget to buy the “unbelievable” content coming in 3.0!! :grin:


I know… It was really hard for me to get excited about the new content. Last year I wouldve been really excited. But all I could think was “Would I even be able to play?” or “Wonder what this update will break…” Im tired of having to preface my excitement with these things, and sorry, but thats a Funcom problem and why I get so frustrated with them. You cant keep pushing out DLC and your base game and core features are broken! I mean this “fix one thing, break two things” trend is just getting old…

That being said… As usual… I will wait and see what the update brings. If conflict isnt fixed, I think my patience and trust that Funcom can/will stabilize their game will be over. Trolls can say “bye, they dont need you” or whatever blind nonsense they say, but the thing is, A LOT of people have already said that before me and acted on it, and its showing.

Theres a reason why they said in the stream they are very short staffed and moving just ONE PERSON can greatly effect whatever they were working on. They cant keep ppl on bc too many players said they were done. Funcom couldve avoided this with their actions years ago. But they had a huge player base, and laughed at ppl threatening to leave. Well, they did.


I used to play this game 6 days a week with lots of hours in after work. After the servers got shutdown I didn’t want to buy Siptah. But I did. Needless to say with servers decay off the game lost it’s luster. I gave up and started playing Scum on PC. More interesting and fun with no problems until the game I played before… Cough cough…


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Fingers crossed… good luck funcom, hope this works!

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Testing more servers now, but so far all have worked! Hope everyone is able to connect, and hasn’t lost too much.

Good luck


So far I have tested:

3827 (Not previously affected)
3829 (Not previously affected)

They all work! I believe that is all of them, but I’m double checking…


at last




Thank you for the double-check @LordKAA :smiley:

And, as always, if you note any issues along the way please poke us and we will investigate!


Alas, not for me it seems.

Server 3053 is not loading, I am still ‘in limbo’ on the loading screen as I actually type this, and have been for a while (20 mins and counting)

I use a PS4 - with broadband connection.

Ah well, ces’t la vie.

Maybe the next update… lol

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@LordKAA 3828 was definitely affected… it has been down for 8 months. I’m downloading now and will test soon.

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Thank you @Community for sticking with this issue, and maintaining a friendly, and professional approach throughout.

Thanks everyone who contributed here for (attempting) to keep on topic, and (mostly) not being toxic. We had our moments, but at nearly 700 posts it could have been a lot worse… It’s been emotional.

I have now triple checked every single PlayStation PvE-C server, and can confirm they are all operational.

I will check them all again after server restarts, but so far so good!


That’s weird.

Works for you but not for me.

I will test this some more…

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It’s working for me. Can anyone else test it?

Yes apologies, I got mixed up with 3827. Edited previous post to reflect my error.


Stop the press!

I tried a second time, and it just worked! can confirm upon the second try server 3053 is working for me now!

I can play! and my base is still here! and my horse!..and my shiny things! and…and…kjdwebjfgwejhfbhjkwefnkjewnfkjdnf

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EDIT: Thanks to all who helped nail and fix this issue down!


Whoooooohoooooooo!!! I’m so glad your stuff is O.K!


Decay timers are still off in PVE-C 3827. As one of the only PVE-C servers running on ps4 these past number of months, we really need the decay timers to be enabled again.

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They will get round to it, but I feel your pain… Let’s just make sure that everything is definitely resolved for everyone (which is what Ignasi stated earlier).

Then we can hassle them about turning decay back on. :slightly_smiling_face:

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