The New BP Heavy Armor - "Theurgical Aegis" Looks Kewl!

In both normal and epic factors. Here’s a look and a dye\job on the epic…


Yep - it does look pretty cool.

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It has decent specs too. Or, at least compared to most armor I know from 2.8…

It actually does!! And. It’s the first unlock too!!

The battle pass is actually worth every penny!!
The store is massively over priced compared to the BP. but if they keep this up. I will get the battle pass every time!!

I agree the BP is very worth it. I don’t agree about the store prices but that is OFF TOPIC for this thread - there are enough (TOO MANY) threads about that already!

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I was just stating how I felt. I wasn’t trying to turn this feed into another discussion about it. Sorry if it appeared that way. :upside_down_face:

I just want the new saddles and armour :joy: they’re really cool!

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Well, sure, NP. But just so you know just stating how one feels is exactly what feeds into another discussion about whatever. :wink:

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Very true indeed… even though you know my thoughts on it… it still didn’t stop me buying everything in store, except the candlestick :joy::joy::joy:

Oh maaaan, you didn’t get the candlestick??? Dude… I mean DUDE


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Dont judge me :joy::joy::joy:

The one in the BP is way better!

Love the bookshelf :heart_eyes:

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