Theurgical armor equivalent?


Hello im a quite new player and have a question.

Whats the equivalent of the Theurgical Aegis armor ?
As i understand Battle pass rewards are only cosmetic, at least funcom says so,

But i cannot find the equivalent for the TA armor that is a heavy armor with + Health + concussive dmg and + folower dmg on each peice

Id appriciate all help i can get ^^

There isn’t.

Most are. Not this one.

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Tack then i know :slight_smile:

To bad that they say the Battle pass is only cosmetic and then they are not

I appriciate you answered.

Is there a way to get the Theurgical armor ? Or is it gone forever xD

Currently not possible.

Den said that they might make old battle passes available again depending on player feedback, so give feedback.

Aight, this may sound dumb but how do i go about doing that, like where ?

Well… :man_shrugging: here! :smiley: Tell @den you demand your old BP items in case you do, or at least basegame equivalents so that they are truly cosmetic

So i should like make a new topic an use that @den so they see it ? Damn i feel stupid but i find this forum confusing xD

Just be careful not to have any cats with you when you do! He might show up and spawn Rockslides on them :stuck_out_tongue:

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Tnx for the info. Crafting right now. =)))

Yeah. But that’s how their DLC items have worked in the past, too. They have the equivalent power to existing items (except for a couple of possible mistakes where a DLC item has superior stats), but not necessarily identical combinations of weight class, protection, durability, heat protection and stat bonuses.

Frankly, with the illusion system in place, I’d prefer Battle Pass stuff to be craftable as illusion items only, rather than actual objects. That would make them unquestionably cosmetic only.


Nerf incoming.

Currently, the only Starmetal Tier Punch Dagger/Claw set available in game was also a BP item.
In the rush populate the pass and sell items, they seem to have forgotten to have their equivalent in the base game already.

This one is reminded of a certain Curio Cabinet.
It was once an extremely efficient storage area.
Then, it got nerfed so that it is noticably worse than the basic Cupboard.
This one wonders how badly they’ll flumox adjustment of the newer batch of premium dual Stat armours, if they decide to adjust them at all.
Theurgic Aegis isn’t the only offender in this regard.

If this one had to predict, TA armour will get a nerf with next season.
Other armours will get nerfs about an update cycle after they cease to be available or are a couple seasons stale.
After all, no sense in losing out on the revenue of people renting Pay for Advantage.

On a more snarky note, one could say that follower nerfs are a correction to the advantage of TA armour.
If a stat is meaningless, an advantage to it becomes likewise, and it is very on brand approach for Funcom.

There is a difference between a nerf and a bug fix. The Arcane Curio Cabinet and Bookshelf were never supposed to have such large inventories. They were not nerfed, they were fixed.

A very convenient thing to say post facto.
How many update cycles did they let that “bug” stand?
Long enough to move some coin, no?

Edit: Also, having fewer slots than the regular Cupboard is design as intended?
This one finds that mildly absurd.
Not outside of the reasoning at the helm mind you.

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To be fair they let every “bug” stand for way too many update cycles so that means absolutely nothing :man_shrugging:

Remember the legendary armor repair kit recipe missing from the temperwrights? Fixing that involved typing a number in a box… 5 seconds or less… how many updates has there been after they even acknowledged it as a “known issue”?

What about all the other exploits and bugs recently? Siptah blood moon beast… knocking out the arena champion… dismantler bench… oil shenanigans… All of them were reported way before they ever became “known” yet they were left in through multiple updates.

How long was the bug in the game that you couldn’t use modification kits on claw / punching dagger weapons? That was the case of someone doing a misclick and accidentally overriding a function :stuck_out_tongue: Fixing it involved highlighting it and hitting the delete key :slight_smile:

Anyway, you get the idea… I’m just trying to point out that it does not seem like this particular one got any special attention.

FYI regarding the origin of the bug… by default when you create any placeable and add an inventory to it, the default size is 200.
So it’s not the case of somebody manually going there and assigning it a storage capacity, but rather the opposite… they forgot to do so / were sloppy, which imo is instantly more believable :slight_smile:

To be fair they would’ve probably left it running even longer as long as player don’t complain… but since they did, they probably figured, whatever… and gave it an amusingly low storage capacity to make people happy :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey, in my tech support work I see people get paralyzed by Excel forms all the time. Why should game developers be immune to that effect?

… Oh, wait…

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