The new Funcom , related to Conan Exiles

It’s pretty simple. A lot of us just want the game to run smoothly. There’s been a stuttering/lag (or whatever you want to call it) problem on single and multi play across many different PC builds since day one. I also understand from forum posts it happens on consoles too. I’ve even seen it on Funcom’s live streams, albeit to a lesser degree. So I really had to laugh when I was told it was my high end PC and not the game. This is the only game myself and those I game with have that this issue occurs and we play some real resource hogs.
I would think that would have been high on the priority list, but it still remains going on 11 months post release despite the number of times I’ve reported it and seen it reported by others and can be bad enough that some players have said they can’t even play the game. I know it bothers my eyes after a few minutes of it.
So there you have it.

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Look at how little it utilizes your systems resources when it does. I blew up a whole npc camp with jhebbal sag and the whole game became super choppy from 110fps to 20 yet it was only utilizing 38% of the cpu and 36% of the GPU. I wanna say It was using under 3gb of ram at the time also as I had only just loaded in the game and attacked the camp in single player.

I have an i7 2600k oc’ed to 4.5ghz, my GPU is an EVGA GTX 1080 FTW+ 16gb edition and I have 32gb of ram.

Spec wise I doubt it was my systems fault.

Definitely not anyone’s system. A friend of mine has a display that shows his system resource utilization and reported like numbers during the chop in single and multi play. He’s got a mid range system that’s well above specs for the game and yours is about a half a step up from mine. We’ve only logged in to the game in the past several months when they release a patch to see if they’ve dealt with it.
Honestly, we play PvE and could care less about the rest of the bugs. We just want the game to run smooth.

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Well dear stokholder if connan exile dos not improve the quality of the softwere no one will talk about this game in one year. You want to make a difrence and win money give us quality not quantity. You can make 100 games if they are full of bugs no one will play them.
If you say conan exile is doing good then i say you have no idead where your money are :slight_smile: it can be good but is not. We had beather quality 10 years ago. In the past.month we as a community lost a big part of pvp players and they still drop couse of performance and expllits.
I know majority will say a pvp in conan is hard but pvp players are online daily they populate this game. You must be online evrey day to not get raidet and at the end of day numbers count this game will be full with players if you put a littel effort and fix it. It has bean 2 years and the quity in dungeons and AI is the same as day one. I hope you get my point.

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I sure hope they don’t include those new testlive notes in the patch, let it be it’s own patch, finish the first one, and release it to the public…

Funcom: Hey guess what guys? We’ve finished the big patch but we’re gonna hold it back and release it as an even bigger patch. Hopefully we don’t run into any snags :smiley:

Great news for a great company and a great game! This is what I had to say to another user just recently. I think it sums it up pretty well for me.

I mention this game in the same breath as The Witcher 3 and Skyrim to the people I know all the time. Bravo Funcom.

I read a couple comments here from guys having an issue with “the chop”. I can say that I’ve experienced this, however it’s really only when I’m moving around a lot on the map, and I assume it’s due to the loading of previously unused assets.

These other players also gave some specs to their rigs up, and I have to say that my rig is nothing special now. Maybe 7 years ago when it was new, but now I’m about 4 generations behind the tech, and I’m still having problems only when I alt-tab out of the game and back in. I have slightly more than 200 hours in game now, and this is not a big enough problem for me to not play the game. Just saying

I know how that guy feels CF. This game actually inspired me to re-read the old Robert E. Howard stories so that I might figure out just where the Exiled lands are. I’m guessing they’re somewhere along the Sea of Vilayet’s western shore, probably on the southern side of things, though there is the snow biome to speak of…

I bet most of the folks that play CE dont care about new games.
But I bet they do care about being kicked to the curb.

Thats ok other great MMOs like SWG and Tabula Rasa did the same thing.

It seems to happen on map grid borders, I’m assuming it’s being done like a few other games i’ve played in the past where it loads asset data upon entering a new grid space. It’s meant to keep the game from bogging your system down. The problem is that if this is the case, then every time you pass a grid border you get flooded with asset data.

er go buildings, decorations, people, npcs. tree’s, rocks, the trillions of sticks and stones placed everywhere…

Sounds logical to me. If what you’ve suggested is the case I’d imagine it works that way for people with low end gear in mind so they can play too. That’s kinda what I thought the “low end laptop” setting was all about, but we haven’t been able to see any differences when that setting has been used, so I’m thinking that setting is redundant.
Thing is, most people likely have rigs that can handle just about anything the game can throw at them. If the malfunction lies somewhere within an area meant to keep the game from bogging down a low end system, that could explain why it’s so choppy on higher end systems. It may not be optimized or the parameters are skewed.
Who knows. I don’t make games, so I can speculate all day. I just wish they’d figure it out and fix it. I didn’t put out $1,600. bucks on a gaming rig so I could play choppy games…or more accurately a choppy game. This is the only game we, in my gaming community, have where this problem exists and literally everyone in the community has this irritating issue on both single and multi play.

This is pretty close to what is happening and we are addressing this on TestLive. Hopefully, the Live patch will already have improved this for many. We’re definitely working on this and are looking forward to hear your opinions once the new patch hits Live.

While theoretically this is possible, we are not planning to do that. For one, the patch planned for Live has been tested for much longer while the new TestLive patch just now made it into the hands of the community to test and give us feedback. We definitely do not want to wait for additional fixes and changes needed on this second patch and delay the Live patch for longer. That wouldn’t be convenient for anyone. We definitely want to avoid creating more frustration regarding patching and updates.


Can’t wait, New Asagarth is an absolute nightmare to run through with that border bisecting it. Though it can be done, I wouldn’t call the center a playable area.


Try turning off the music… it might be coincidence but it I haven’t had any crashes since…

10 years ago you didn’t have a game as ambitious as CE and the overall quality of the game is quite good. There are things that need to be fixed, but I do not regret and have enjoyed the 1000 hours I have in this game.


Baldur`s Gate 2
Deus Ex
Diaablo II
Colin McRay Rally

My friend year 2000 was a golden age of games the list is long of grate quality games with huge successes. I feel sorry for you if you miss them
I appreciate your enthusiasm but im a old gamer :slight_smile: I play games since 80`s
This are 19 years old

Here is a list with a few of 2009 games
Dragon Age Origins
Assassin Creed 2
Left 4 Dead 2
Call Of Duty

Darkfall Online, though poor management of the game due to a small dev team and a few other reasons drove it to ruin. As of right now, It’s Darkfall Offline.

Imagine Conan Exiles with a map many many times larger and thousands of players. It had Mounted combat, player controlled ship combat, Melee, Archery, Sorcery. Player holdings that had strategic benefits to owning.

And tons and tons of siege equipment you could operate.

How many player made structures populated those servers?

I can’t remember the count off the top of my head but there were a large number of handcrafted bases you’d gather resources for, scattered all over the map to construct that you could war and vie for control of.

What i really liked were the boats and sea tower battles.

We had 1 boat that could literally man 500 players.

CE was about as big as 1 of the 4 smaller continents in the persistent open world.

You don’t really know what the word ambitious means, do you. That’s mostly a boring list of AAA titles sticking to a tried a true game model.