The new Funcom , related to Conan Exiles

How many player made structures populated those servers?

I can’t remember the count off the top of my head but there were a large number of handcrafted bases you’d gather resources for, scattered all over the map to construct that you could war and vie for control of.

What i really liked were the boats and sea tower battles.

We had 1 boat that could literally man 500 players.

CE was about as big as 1 of the 4 smaller continents in the persistent open world.

You don’t really know what the word ambitious means, do you. That’s mostly a boring list of AAA titles sticking to a tried a true game model.

Ok, but none of those locations could be built and destroyed on a whim, could they?

They could if you had the resources, destroyed it and won the land claim. It had a complete war and land acquisition system.

The combat was also much more fast paced and brutal.

You’re missing my point. Those locations were static as far as I can tell.

You understand me wrong
i will try to explain my self again with my bad english.

First of all this is not a complain. I refer to the fact that the technology the tools are there since forever the coders have done all of this long time ago we had beater quality 20 years ago when PC was a bloody Duron at 800Mhz with 256 DDR and 64mb GPU.
As a player who have play all of this game i aspect when i buy the game TO WORK not to test it from them not to buy a small part not to have this conversation after a year about main things not working.

You say game is ok ? Well yes game is ok if you play PVE or single player as for PVP game is not ok :slight_smile: and i play PVP only :slight_smile:

Hope you understand what i say. Thank you and if i offend some one that was not my intention

I say this with all respect but you didn’t make that point clearly and I was responding to how much ambition was put into it’s development. Also that it was released in 2009.

Oh wow, there is a blast from the past.

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casts wall of force on tascha

eye rot
earth bolt
fire bolt
wind bolt
dark bolt

uses push on tascha

tascha goes flying but bunnyhops to get distance and heals up while putting out a shield to flick block behind her

lord wiggles casts pushes on self chasing and shooting earth shards

They land about 4 grid spaces away and melee combat ensues

Tascha knocks Lord Wiggles off a cliff but Lord Wiggles places a mount below and get’s on it before fall damage occurs narrowly escaping death

Pre-combat system rework when everyone was a jack of all trades :sunglasses:

Not gonna lie, it reminded me of Naruto sometimes. We had a guy on our Ventrillo server that would spam the combat music whenever we dueled and he started winning lol.

I edit things a lot sometimes woops :sweat_smile:

It’s will be awesome!!!
Then, you can play solo more easy because you have a lot of site for hide your house :wink:
If funcom include doors with keys and foundations with 500k of life better :wink:

The only catch was that each grid square on the map was quite literally handled by a seperate server even though you could shoot and seamlessly run between them.

Well sorta, sometimes projectiles would get caught between lol

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