The Next Age - What can it be?

:brazil: feedback spoiler Conan Exiles

:stuck_out_tongue: Alguém já reparou que a FUNCOM sempre deixa referência no que estar por vir?

Tivemos passe de batalha com aesir em seguida tivemos Age Of War e devido a estátua de “gargula” do BAZAR de masmorra pode ser uma referência a “era do vampiro” como já havia dito antes :vampire: :bat: :man_vampire: :woman_vampire:

Age of Worship

A rework and refocus on religion in the game. Like making the buffs from religous altars an independent buff slot.
Integrating religion and Purges
Giving the Priests of each religion something more interaction appart from learnig the religion.

And doing away with being able to have ALL altars…it should be a decission with consequnces to the gameplay.


Age of Gods or Age of Civilization

Age of $ :rofl:

The Age of Crabs!

Given what happened in all the ages, I don’t want to see anymore ages. They can fix all the stuff they broke or go broke. Srsly, i am really annoyed, never ever have I seen such incompetence, except in:
Mutant Year Zero, The Secret world, Age of Conan, Anarchy Online, Dreamfall, The Park and Longest Journey.
They are all FC games? Well color me surprised :smiley:

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I guess you haven’t played Skyrim without mods, or Mass Effect Andromeda, or Fallout 76, or Divinity: Original Sin 2?

Dude, read the whole comment and maybe you get the joke :slight_smile: