The number of Artisan tables is too damn high

I would really love to see a unified Artisan table.

Currently, you have:
artisan table
khitan artisan table
aquilonian artisan table
argossean artisan table
turanian artisan table

The number of recipes added by the dlc-specific artisan tables are not more than 20 per dlc.

It would be much more efficient if you made the recipe selection based on the character accessing the table rather than the actual bench. Then, person A with DLC 1,2 would access the table and see recipes for 1,2 but not 3,4; and person B with DLC 2,4 would access the table and see recipes for 2,4 and not 1,3.

Though, i must say, with the recent changes to the game, i sincerely doubt that increasing the efficiency of space usage in bases is a priority for the developers. but it does seem wasteful to require so many artisan tables.


Dont know, its as it have bean whit weppons and armor b4 when the list is so long that its hard to pind anything. Spec if you have all the expantions. And ther separate lock is nice to.

I actually think they need to switch to a system of searching for keywords.

So, for example, a steel long sword should have keywords:

a predatory blade would have keywords:

a suit of aquilonian scout armor would have:
and one of {wraps, vest, headgear, pteruges, sandals}, depending on which piece it was

basically, intelligent keywords would make search functionality a lot more… functional, without having to drastically revamp the search system. right now it does simple straight-text searching, which is terrible. adopt a keyword system, and encourage modmakers to utilize keywords in their items as well, and it will be much better.

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Yes and no i like the looks but do not want bunch so it toss up to say

But, in general you only need 1 unless you wana do just that culture stuffs but they are werry chep to make, its t1 crafting costs. So if you dont wana give the space for it just make an new one when you plan to use it.

At least you have a search system. We console players always have to scroll for recipes. I tend to drink natural learning potions before raids to get rid of all the building pieces of 8 dlcs in my menu so that I can actually find the bombs there


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