DLC Artisan Tables

For the DLC Artisan Tables, take out the base items from the original Artisan table, and just have the DLC items in there.

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No thank you. I like that you can get rid of one of the benches and have all the artisan crafting in one. This way you also need one less crafting thrall unless you enjoy moving them between benches all the time.
Ideally it would better if they got rid of the DLC bench and just make a DLC compatible bench that populated with each DLC you own WITH a buttons where you can pick what sets you see Eg: all, vanilla, khitai, aliquonian etc.

Even better than that would be options in our feat page that we can turn OFF and turn ON seeing the DLC items in our crafting menu rather than having them Auto Unlock and populate our menus when we’ve trained the pre-requisites.
Eg: want to build in Pict style only … turn off seeing the other DLC building items.


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