The official server is 1321, a problem with the cheaters Chinese clan

Good day!
Sorry in advance for not very good english grammar.
Im play on offical server 1321
and a few weeks ago has come the clan of chinesee who destroy all clans in our server
but this is always done with bugs such as
endless stamina
because of what slaves do not attack them and they kill them, and they have priority in pvp. Their bases they are constantly hiding in the textures of the walls.
They do not hide it, recording live broadcasts they have official channel in chinese(
like ours twitch )
proof are given below

Chinese official channel
old video

A couple of months ago they were also doing the same things…
there are about 10 of them

Because of their foul play, the pleasure of honest rivalry and the game as a whole is completely lost.
I love pvp fights but it’s not about them.
And I think I’m not the first to write about this problem.

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